Yo, ho, ho and a barrel of booze! Grooms who enjoy the deep, mellow taste of barrel-aged alcohol and have a 'do-it-yourself' attitude are going to love our latest find, personalized whiskey mini-barrels! Fill 'em up with your favorite spirit such as whiskey, rum, tequila, wine and even plain ole moonshine and then just kick back and wait for the magical process to begin. You'll hardly be able to wait and share your new secret recipe with bachelor party revelers or wedding reception guests. Plus, when given as groomsmen gifts, the guys are literally and figuratively going to be intoxicated by your gesture.

Made completely from American white oak (except for the steel hardware), these whiskey barrels 'breathe' to allow the alcohol to seep into the medium charred interior and become infused with the rich, deep flavors and aromas inherent to the timber. Age your liquor as long as you like, anywhere from three weeks to three years is common! If you've heard that some fine whiskies are aged for decades, they are - although Jack Daniels is only aged about four years. However, a nice perk of these mini-barrels is that the aging process is put on fast-forward because there is a higher spirit-to-wood ratio than found in those huge barrels.

These groomsmen gifts will give your best man and other wedding attendants something to look forward to once your wedding extravaganza has come to the end. After a pal gets his own personal barrel set up at home (some prep required, instructions included), all he needs to do is pour his un-aged spirit into the barrel and wait. Waiting for these barrels to do their thing may sound like waiting for grass to grow - but, it's actually much more entertaining because there are 'quality control' issues that need attending. Every so often, the contents will need to be tasted and evaluated to determine if the flavor is on target. It's not uncommon for about 25-percent of the whiskey to disappear over the aging process. Professionals call this the 'angel's share' and it is a combination of evaporation, absorption into the wood and, ahem, quality control samples.

So, if you're looking for unique groomsmen gifts, these baby-sized barrels (1-liter, 2-liter and 3-liter) are definitely going to deliver full-sized enjoyment. Not only a new productive pastime for the recipient, but when displayed on the included stand, a handsome focal point in a home bar or man cave - especially when burnished with a personalized name, initials or special message. Another groomsmen gift idea to go along with these barrels - a personalized flask to carry his at-home aged spirits wherever he goes!