Personalized Flasks Have Celebrity FansBy George, weÍll drink to that! Just leave it to those fun-loving celebrities to show us, the thirsty masses, an under-cover way to liven up a potentially boring formal affair. Whether you are walking down the red carpet or down the wedding aisle, carrying the coolest of personalized flasks in your coat jacket will serve you well in so many ways. Not only will you have a pint-sized pour of your favorite beverage on hand at all times, youÍll look quite sophisticated in an A-list sort of way when you so casually and charismatically pull the vessel from your pocket.
DonÍt let the party stop in your tuxedo pocket; share the liquid festivities by treating each of your friends to one of his very own groomsmen flasks. A tasteful statement of friendship, especially when you pick out groomsmen flasks that are crafted with the recipientÍs personality in mind. At leather-wrapped flasks, sleek stainless-steel flasks, and even personalized flasks with cigar storage. And, with a classy monogram or name engraved upon each one, you are sure to be the topic of many pre-swig toasts _ ñand hereÍs to the groom who has shown me how to hold my liquorî!
But what good are groomsmen flasks if there is nothing inside to send down the hatch? Sure you can top them off with old-school standards such as plain whiskey, rum or gin. But if you really want to make your groomsmen feel like the stars of the night, fill your personalized flasks up with alcoholic concoctions that youÍve mixed up beforehand. Mixing flask cocktails actually has a long history, from the mid-1800s to the 1960s, many popular libations such as gimlets, Manhattans and Sazeracs were sold pre-made in bottles _ today even the Margarita and Mojita come ready to walk out the door in glass bottles.
Experienced flask mixologists recommend beginning your drink recipe with 3 ounces of a primary spirit and 1 once of a modifier; depending on your flask size, you can adjust the ratio. With this base you can add other ingredients, if desired such as a flavored simple syrup. A hint though, donÍt use egg whites in your drink, they tend to break down in the flask. In the same vein, citrus juices are not the best fit for a metal flask because you tend to give off that ñtinnyî aftertaste. Since you have a limited amount of room in the flask, experts also suggest not adding too much filler _ go as ñhigh-octaneî as possible!