We Solve a Cufflink ConundrumDear Groomstand: I am treating myself to a pair of engraved cufflinks to wear with my tuxedo and also to present as groomsmen gifts to my good buddies. With so many styles, IÍm confused about picking out a perfect pair that will look great at both the wedding and in the years to come. Can you help? Mr.Cufflink Conundrum
Dear Mr. Cufflink Conundrum: There is no reason to be worried about presenting engraved cufflinks as groomsmen gifts; there is really no way to go wrong with this traditional gift (that can still be quite trendy). Your first choice is to decide if you want to give your best man, groomsmen and ushers with identical pairs of engraved cufflinks or mix-it up based on their role in the wedding. Or, you can mix it up even more by choosing novelty cufflinks that pack a little punch of personality _ a pair of dice cufflinks for the gamblers, dashing dollar sign cufflinks for the business tycoons or even skull and crossbones cufflinks for those more rogue wedding attendants.
Another point to consider when picking out cufflinks as groomsmen gifts is that some men like to coordinate the tone of their engraved cufflinks to the metal of the wristwatch being worn. For example, silver tones match with silver, stainless steel or platinum watches and golden links work well with gold watches. Many men wear mixed-metal watches which are easily complemented by almost any cufflink youÍll find at https://branddepot.com/collections/groomstand
Adding an engraved personalization always makes a welcomed touch, whether itÍs just a simple single initial, a traditional monogram, or a full name, date or message. This thoughtful touch to your groomsmen gift will transform an ordinary pair of cufflinks into an instant heirloom that each man will enjoy wearing on your wedding weekend as well as to work and formal affairs for years to come.