The Helpful Groom (You CanÍt Just  Be Handsome)Many guys think that after picking out the ring and popping the question, his work is done in terms of the wedding planning. But, after observing the way many brides passive-aggressively operate, weÍve come to realize that the best way to keep a fianc_ happy is to get involved in the process. But the key to being involved is to actually help in the process, not hinder. Here are some great tips about being the involved groom she wants you to be.

Ask what you can do. With or without a wedding planner, the sheer number of tasks and chores involved in pulling off a once-in-a-life-time day can be daunting. As soon as planning rolls into full swing, collaborate together to come up with a ïhisÍ and ïhersÍ list on what needs to be done. Having the to-do list in print will reduce any confusion or assumptions that might later arise, as in a shrieking ñhoney, I thought 'you' were picking up Aunt Edna from the airport!

Have an opinion. If all the minutia of wedding planning is really not your thing, you certainly donÍt need to have an opinion of every last thing. WeÍre sure you really donÍt care on the exact shade of the bridesmaidsÍ eyes shadow as much as you do best man gifts. But do tell the bride what you like about major parts of the wedding such as how many guests, location, and food choices.

Pick your battles. Know when to step in and know when to retreat. DonÍt let little things become major issues in your wedding planning, the two of you are about to be a lifelong team and should start acting so as soon as possible! But if you have a core issue that is being tested during the planning process, speak up now or forever hold your peace.

Pull your weight. There are certain tasks that are traditionally bestowed on the groom, make sure you are doing them! If you pick up an etiquette book, you'll find out that some of these duties include, picking groomsmen, purchasing groomsmen gifts, arranging for wedding attire, planning the honeymoon and anything else the bride requests. If you'd like cross off one of your chores, head on over to