The Most Notorious Bachelor Parties EverKnown as the ñstag partyî in England, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand, a ñbulls partyî in South Africa, ñbucks nightî in Australia, and ñbachelorÍs eveî in Nigeria, the bachelor party dates back to the 5th century where soldiers in Saprta would drink and toast to one another on the night preceding the wedding. Because nary a female guest was in sight, these all-male, testosterone-marinated events most always turned rowdy with lots of drinking, carousing and sewing of wild oats. Today the bachelor party is also a great time to present your unique groomsmen gifts gifts you may not want your future bride to see. The author of Bachelor Party Confidential, David Boyer, lists these shindigs as some of the most notorious bachelor parties ever:

Clinton Barnum Seeley, 1896. Figuratively a circus, this high-society bachelor party for P.T. BarnumÍs nephew was raided on a tip that a famous burlesque dancer would be performing naked. The powerful guests cried police misconduct, and after a long and scandalous trial with lots of juicy-not-just-for-Victorian-times details, the detective was exonerated and the stripper went on to become a living legend.

Jimmy Stewart, 1949. This actorÍs bachelor party was held at a then famous Hollywood hotspot, ChasenÍs, and was actually televised and featured two diaper-clad midgets popping out of a silver serving dish.

Thomas Bruderman, 2003. This bachelor bacchanal for a Fidelity Investments trader included a private jet, yacht, prostitutes and the seemingly requisite dwarf. Costing more than $100,000, the Securities and Exchange Commission launched a special investigation into the shindig.

Mario Lopez, 2004. The ñETî and ñSaved by the Bellî star allegedly cheated on his bride-to-be, a former Miss Teen USA, at his Acapulco bachelor party. While the wedding ceremony went on in the name of fame (it was filmed for ñOprahî but never aired) the union only lasted for another 2 weeks.

Paris Latis, 2005. Celebutaunte Paris Hilton ended the relationship with her namesake fianc_, Paris Latis, after she claimed the Greek shipping heir cheated on her at his bachelor party. In an interview, she spilled all the beans and warned future grooms saying, ñDonÍt cheat on her at your bachelor party . . . itÍs gross what you guys do at those parties.î

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