Choosing Your Groomsmen

Now that youÍve popped the question and wedding plans are under way, itÍs time to start thinking about who youÍd like to be your best man and ushers. Selecting the family and friends you want to support on your big day is an important decision as youÍll be building memories that will be shared with everyone until death do you part. A memorable way to ask your friends and family is to present them with unique groomsmen gifts enclosed with a note asking for the special request.

Before you start impulsively asking every guy youÍve ever grabbed a beer with to be in your posse, check with your bride-to-be to see what the wedding party size will be. Traditionally, the number of groomsmen matches the number of bridesmaids. Some guys find the number of groomsmen to be intimidating large while some have trouble narrowing down the field. Also, consider that if you are having a larger wedding, youÍll need extra guys to be ushers, the standard ration is one usher per 50 guests. Here are some good places to start your recruiting:

Brothers: Brothers are usually very tight; this is why the marrying brother almost always asks the other brother to be his best man. ItÍs also okay to have more than one brother be your best man; we would want anyone to be in the awkward position of leaving a brother out of prime position. Stepbrothers, especially if youÍve spent lots of time together, will be another natural choice for your wedding part, either as best man or groomsmen.

Brothers of Fianc_: Traditionally, including your bride-to-beÍs brothers in your wedding is common. Not only is it a good way to please your fianc_, it gives you the chance to build a stronger relationship with your new brother-in-law and welcome him into your family.

Friends: For those guys with a few close friends, itÍs clear that these should be your ushers. However, especially in situations where the bride has a huge entourage of bridesmaids, it can be more difficult to pick and choose. Whether you know the friend from kindergarten or college or have just recently met in the workplace, the biggest requirement for your groomsmen picks is the bond you share.

Other Family: Cousins, nephews and other family members can also make good choices for your groomsmen, ushers or other members of your wedding party. Younger male family members may be given special roles such as ring bearer, junior groomsmen or helpers at the reception.

Keep in mind that youÍll want to thank your best man, groomsmen and ushers for supporting you with a thoughtful pick in groomsmen gifts. At, there are many best man gift ideas that will express your sentiments with a keepsake heÍll value for all the years to come.