Groomed  For The Ocassion

When heading to corner store to pick up the morning paper and a coffee, a chin full of stubble and a backward turned cap covering bed head are perfectly acceptable. Of course, for work, combed hair and shave are musts. But, on your wedding day, the first day of the rest of your life, you'll want to kick up your grooming habits a notch to make a memorable impression. To make sure your grooming is equal to exceedingly important occasion, follow some of these tips to get spruced up in style. And, if you're wondering where to keep your grooming supplies, try a handsome toiletry bag (also makes great personalized groomsmen gifts).

Every hair in place. Unless you have a buzz cut, your wedding day is not the time to go all wash-and-wear with your hair. After you shampoo (and condition), consider using a blow-dryer for a smooth look and say buh-bye to the dreaded frizz. Also, guy products, such as pomade of leave-in gels can give you the movie star finish.

Complexion perfection. Aside from the bride, you're going to be the most photographed person of the day. Oily and shiny skin will add an unflattering glare to your face when the light bulbs from cameras start popping. Add a sweaty brow from a case of the nerves and your mug could become quite monstrous. But, a little translucent powder or blotting papers borrowed from your betrothed can cure the pesky problem. If you are too manly for this little touch up, just make sure you've recently washed your face with some good ole fashioned soap and water.

Get a "man-icure". Don't ignore the importance of your fingers on the wedding day. Plenty of attention will be focused on your nails as you hold hands, slip on wedding rings, and extend handshakes in the reception line. A do-it-yourself manly manicure will get all the dirt and grease out from under your nails and keep your cuticles looking in tip-top shape. After soaking hands in warm water (or at the end of a shower), use a nail brush to get rid of dead cells and debris, then simply push back cuticles and neatly trim nails and you're good to go. If you want to get fancy, you can rub a little baby oil into the cuticles and up over the nail for a healthy shine.