Personalized Cufflinks - An Evolved Accessory

It makes evolutionary sense to see cufflinks at a wedding. Back in more primitive times, a man would attract a mate with his fine ability to club an animal over the head, start a fire and provide a cave as a place to hide. But thanks to supermarket meat counters, gas lighters, the invention of the wheel and other "modern" conveniences, men further up the timeline have had to find flashier ways to get the attention of women. It has been shown that the perceived affluence of a man has a positive impact on his status as marriage material. Whether you are rich or still aspiring for greatness, a pair of elegant personalized cufflinks peeking out from French cuffs will help you attract the opposite sex and get noticed as a sophisticated and successful man. So, of course, you'll want to keep up the image as polished provider and knight-in-shining-armor by wearing engraved cufflinks with your wedding day tuxedo.

Today, the variety of personalized cufflinks for your wedding day is almost endless. From the timeless look of silver oval or square shaped cufflinks engraved with a monogram just like your grandfather might have worn to novelty cufflinks that summarize your own unique personality, wearing "man jewelry" is not at all as fussy as it might seem. Instead, sporting a pair of engraved cufflinks shows that you know how to bait the honey trap with sparkly, shiny things! Since you'll soon be settling down, why not share this insight into attracting women with "bling" by giving your buddies really nice engraved cufflinks as groomsmen gifts? You can choose a pair of these men's accessories that is specifically suited to each guy's interests or your bachelor party theme such as Vegas-inspired dice, all sorts of professional sports logos, miniature compasses and many more.