Put Some Polish On It - Tuxedo Shoes

Imagine sitting in the pews, watching the bride and groom ceremoniously walk down the aisle, getting a little misty-eyed and then busting out laughing when you see the groom's shoes. This little put-a-joke-message-on-the-bottom-of-your-shoes trick isn't exactly new, but it is still likely to get a few laughs during your wedding vows - if that's the mood you are trying to set. At first glance, most might think that he is pleading to be rescued from the life-long commitment he is about to enter into. But, on the other hand, the groom could just be looking for some "sole"-searching advice on wedding day fashion.

What kind of shoes should a groom wear on this day when he makes perhaps the most important step of his life - the gigantic leap into marriage. Typically, if a tuxedo is being rented, the shop will try to throw in some pretty ugly patent leather loafers at an additional expense. Really, unless you have no black dress shoes at all, this is not the most attractive option. But, a pair of slip-on loafer or lace-up dress shoes like wingtips will give you adequate style for your wedding tuxedo. Remember to wear black or dark socks so that you don't have a high-contrast flash of white sticking out from your pant hem. In fact, it's a good idea to bring along extra pairs of dark socks to give to your forgetful groomsmen who often look over these small wedding-day details.

In addition to being the dark sock fairy, you might like to treat your buddies to personalized shoeshine kits as groomsmen gifts. Not only will this help ensure that their footwear is spiffy and scuff-free for your Big Day, but will also keep them looking their best for other important events in the future. This is one of those retro man gifts that is making a come back with well-heeled men. Who knows, one of your wedding attendants may land his dream job or bump into his future wife while wearing shoes that have been polished with these purposeful groomsmen gifts.