Home Run Weddings

Well before you met your beautiful wife, you and the guys shared a love for baseball in all its glory. From playing together as children on the little league team to many winning seasons of hitting and fielding balls for the high school squad, you and your now groomsmen were always revered as the quintessential boys of summer. Now that your baseball experience may have been sidelined to the fan stands, it doesn't make the love of the sport any less authentic. Just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you have to strike the sport out of your life. You can incorporate your fondness of the "diamond" into your upcoming wedding in many fun ways - even if your wife-to-be won't let you have the actual ceremony in the stadium.

First, put together a wedding weekend baseball game where you, the groomsmen, father of the bride and other men involved in the Big Day can gather for casual yet still competitive match up - think the "bride's guys" against the "groom's guys". Of course, serve roasted peanuts, popcorn beer and all the other tasty treats you'd find at the baseball concession stand. Have baseball jerseys printed up with each guy's name on the back and after the last inning, pass out personalize miniature baseball bats as groomsmen gifts - sure to be a big hit!

A tasty way to incorporate your love for baseball into the wedding is to have a baseball themed groom's cake. A groom's cake is a southern tradition (thankfully now appreciated around the country) that is often a gift for the groom from the bride - so drop a hint that you want a baseball groom's cake. Served at the reception or sent home in slices as party favors, a groom's cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. With the popularity of cake shows like "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss", the groom's cake has become very elaborate. Sports-themed cakes often take on a 3-D shape of the entire stadium or can feature cake sculptures of players and gear. Yum!