Men about to get married need to know how to tie a bow tie - and so does their posse of groomsmen. Tying this men's accessory into a dapper, little bow isn't really as hard of a task as it appears. But, because men rarely wear this type of neck embellishment except at formal events, this may be your first time tying one on! If you are a newbie to bow tie tying, never fear. Just check out this video from GQ style correspondent Brett Fahgren and Howdini's Jennifer Morris, and you'll be wedding-ready in mere minutes.

Steps To Tie a Bow Tie

1. Lay the bow tie around your neck so both ends fall evenly on your chest.

2. Cross the right end of the bow tie over the left end. Next, loop the right end under to form a simple knot.

3. Tug on the tie so that the knot is fashioned snuggly against your neck and rest the top end on your left shoulder.

4. Pick up the other end of the bow tie and fold it across the knot. Now it is starting to look like this could actually turn into a bow tie!

5. Take the top end (that is resting on your left shoulder) and pull it down in front so that it crosses the center of the bow shape.

6. Firmly set your left finger on the front of the bow tie to keep it securely in place and reach behind with your right index finger to find the hole where the free end of the bow tie will slip through.

7. Important: do not thread the tip of the free end through the hole. Rather, use your left index finger to push the part that is closest to the center of the bow through the hole.

8. Initially, it may feel like the whole bow tie is going to fall apart, but it won't. Pull enough through to make even with the opposite side and adjust as needed.

9. The process is almost complete. Pull the bow down towards the front and tighten, tidy up and flatten as required to look sharp.

If your bow tie doesn't look perfect, don't worry. Run and get the wedding planner and she'll surely be able to fix you up quick! Before you walk down the aisle, give your wedding attendants any help they may require with your newly acquired skills. To complete the dashing look that a bow tie brings, give your buddies a pair of cufflinks as groomsmen gifts that will complement their tip-to-tail formal flair.