Engagements, they're not just for bumbling, fumbling, nervous boyfriends anymore. Gone are the days where pulling out a little velvet-covered box during dinner was the impressive way to ask a girl to be your wife - or even using the Jumbotron to deliver the message at half-time. Today's high-tech, social media-loving, gadget freaks who aren't afraid to step into the limelight are popping the question in choreographed statements of style, having buddies film the event, and then sitting back and waiting for it all to go viral on the Internet.

One recent proposal that will make you chuckle and wonder why you didn't think of it first just went down in MadisonSquarePark in New York City. Like an epic Broadway production, this marriage proposal featured an unsuspecting girlfriend, a crazy clown-school graduate boyfriend, filmographer friends, a chorus line, unicycle riders, confetti tossing and more! We want to know how the groom-to-be and his friends practiced for this big moment without anyone, especially the bride-to-be, getting suspicious. For any guy who's thinking about popping the question, you've now have big shoes to fill --clown shoes, that is!

If you've got a multi-man show planned for your wedding proposal, you're going to have to thank the cast of characters for their hard work with fitting groomsmen gifts. A keychain or picture frame is just not going to cut it when these men have risked hard-earned Joe-cool reputations out there kicking up their heels - you'll need some awesome groomsmen gifts. How about a cool leather case to hold iPhones and a journal, this way your friends can remember "crazy you" each time the check out the proposal shenanigans on YouTube.