ñSeriously?! You Bought Me THAT Ring?!îBy Jewelry & Style Expert Michael OÍConnor
Just when you think that everything is going right, life can throw you a curve. You found the girl and you want to spend your life with. You found the perfect time and place to pop the question and youÍre down on one knee. You hand her the box and summon up courage to ask those words ñWill you marry meî. SheÍs shocked, happy, starts to cry. She opens the box. The expression on her face changes to utter horror! She purses her lips. Dude, you got the wrong ring!
Laugh or not, itÍs not unrealistic. In fact many women say the ring they got was not the one they hoped for. Why? Two reasons. The guy didnÍt listen to all those hints sheÍs been carefully leaving or he didnÍt view the ring as the most important symbol of their life together and he ñcheaped-outî.
When buying an engagement ring there are two ways to avoid a major mistake.
Listen to her. You may not think sheÍs hinting, but she is. Listen to how she describes the rings of her friends of others who are recently engaged. You will hear what she likes. Listen to what she says about the center stone, itÍs size, shape and color. Round shapes are most popular followed by princess. And colored diamonds and gems like sapphire are becoming very popular.
Understand that this is the most important piece of jewelry that she will ever own and will wear it every day. As such it needs to be durable and made of a precious and pure metal like platinum. It may be a slightly more expensive, but worth it! Platinum will stand up to daily wear better and hold your center stone more securely, itÍs one of the most precious and rare metals and usually 90-95% pure, making it most appropriate for this important symbol of love and commitment.
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