Robot Says, "You May Now Kiss the Bride"

The bride was blushing in white, the groom quite dapper in his formal, black tuxedo, and the official joining the two in holy matrimony -- a robot! This recent wedding, held in Tokyo, Japan, was typical in so many ways except for the 4-foot robot named "I-Fairy" which helped the happy couple say their "I do's". According to manufacturer Kokoro Company, this was the first time that a robot has conducted a marriage; and we bet not the last in robot-happy Japan!

Those Japanese seem to always be one step ahead when it comes to all things high-tech, they have some of the most advanced robotic and artificial intelligence technologies in the world. With robotic research typically supported by the government, robots are common in factories and, in the last decade, becoming more and more present in peoples every day life. Honda has a small human-like robot and recently teddy bear and pet robots have been designed to provide companionship for the elderly and children.

So, why not an I-Fairy for your wedding?! According to the Kokoro spokesperson, she has 18 degrees of motion in the arms and can repeat pre-programmed movements and sounds. Not the most advanced robot on the market by any means, she will come dressed for the event, wearing a wreath of flowers around her head. However, don't think you'll be saving money by cutting the services of a human minister or justice of the peace out of the event -- I-Fairy will set you back $68, 000! That's the price of an awesome wedding experience including the groomsmen gifts and bachelor party; so unless she cooks, cleans, irons and walks the dog, we're passing!