Get a Kick Out of the Groom

Offering a groomÍs cake at your wedding is not a requirement for a good marriage, but certainly a tasteful way to get it off on a good start. The groomÍs cake is a way for the man to get his way (for once) in the wedding planning process. Not to stereotype, but the brideÍs cake will probably look like a tall tower of fluffy white frosting and flowers _ not exactly what a guyÍs guy has in mind. A cake for the groom is a way for him to express his personality, hobbies and passions _ no wonder these creations of sugar and butter usually involve chocolate!

We say, invite your groomsmen to join you in a cake-tasting session at your preferred bakery. Chocolate with truffle filling, check! Chocolate with raspberry filling, check! Chocolate with espresso ganache, check! Sure, the bride could come along, but she doesnÍt really need to since the cake creation you choose is all about you! Plus, if she stays home, more samples for you and the buddies.

If youÍve ever watched a cake reality show on television (admit it), youÍve no doubt see all sorts of groomÍs cake wonders. From huge fish-shaped cakes to hip-shaking Elvis cakes, there really isnÍt anything you canÍt get a cake baker, err artist, to whip up. In particular, we have a fondness for football and have gotten a kick out of the football stadium cakes. Just let the bakery know your favorite collegiate or pro team and they can cook up a totally detailed stadium complete with a scoreboard, gridiron and thousands of tiny seats. Coordinate your groomsmen gifts to the football theme and hook each up with a stadium printthat has been personalized with his name, a message and the date.