Hey, Jude Law _ JuneÍs Marrying Man of the Month

Jude Law, Academy Award-nominated actor and scandalous playboy, is engaged to Sienna Miller (again) after rekindling the relationship this past December on a Caribbean beach getaway. Readers of gossip magazines may recall that the two began their on-again, off-again relationship on the set of Alfie, co-starring in what turned out to be a real-life romantic comedy. Engaged the first time on Christmas Eve 2004, the two called it quits in 2006 when Law was caught nuzzling and more with the nanny of his children from a previous marriage.

The couple has been pretty hush-hush about the engagement, but Miller has been seen around town wearing the exact vintage diamond bauble that she received when the question was popped the first time. WeÍre surprised it wasnÍt thrown away after the nanny-gate fiasco! According to Daily Mail, a British newspaper, the pair will marry this summer in a ñbohemian-styleî ceremony in Gloucestershire, England. Miller is hinting that she has some other big news _ perhaps a baby bump? If so, it would be the 5th biological child for Law who has 3 school-aged children with first wife, Sadie Frost, and a new baby daughter from a brief relationship with model Samantha Burke.

Although itÍs hard to imagine this player being settled down, a more mature-sounding Law recently reported to Parade magazine that ñMy daughter made me realize if thereÍs anything thatÍs going to make a man of you, itÍs having your will broken by a little girl. Eventually you have to grow up.î All of us here at Groomstand hope that it works out this time for the love birds.