Thumbs Up for Multi-Function Tools _ Manly Groomsmen Gifts

Men werenÍt given opposable thumbs for nothing. Thumbs are called opposable because this digit can be moved around to touch the other fingers, enabling the grasping mechanism. YouÍve enjoyed the use of your opposable thumbs for many worthy tasks, popping the lid on a beer can, holding your golf club, and snapping to your favorite tune. However, the most important event you can thank your thumb for is using it to flip open the lid on the velvet ring box when you made the big proposal to your fianc_.

You groomsmen are also sure to be quite pleased with the physical adaptation provided by the thumb. WeÍre not saying the guys are monkeys or anything, but they couldnÍt peel a banana if it wasnÍt for this first-rate finger. Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans also all have opposable thumbs just like your loveably knuckle-dragging buddies.

One choice in groomsmen gifts that is sure to get a round of Tim Allen-eque grunts and groans of admiration is a multi-function tool. Like a pocket knife but better, these must-have implements are outfitted with lots of gear such as a blade, a screwdriver, a serrated saw, a corkscrew, a flashlight and more. A total thumbs-up for groomsmen gifts, your friends will enjoy keeping a multi-function tool on hand for DIY projects, emergency situations and all those other unexpected times when you need a special gadget.