Make Mine MoonshineGather up the guys and celebrate the end of your bachelorhood the good old-fashioned backwoods way; passing around a jug of moonshine. Whether you call it Moonshine, White Lightning, Mule Kick or any other number of clever code names, the spirit is all the same recipe, an un-aged whiskey distilled from a yeast-fermented sugar source.



Although around for several hundred years, this home-cooked concoction rose into popularity during the Prohibition era when folks were forced to whip up illicit batches in their basements. Despite the fact liquor had become illegal, bachelor parties were forced to take on a more clandestine nature, being celebrated at home or in the nearest Speakeasy.




After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, moonshine continued to quench many thirsts, stereotypically so in the Deep South. ItÍs almost goes against the rebel nature of bootlegginÍ, but you can actually purchase mass-marketed moonshine at your local liquor store! There are a handful of legal distilleries on the up-and-up that sell the spirit. Those who have partaken in a swig of the hard stuff report that it is actually quite quaffable.




Pack a little high-proof punch to your bachelor outing by stocking up on a few bottles of the ruckus juice to get the party started. If you want to check the proof the way men did years ago, just fill up a teaspoon and light it on fire; if it flames, you know the stuff is strong. Present great looking flasks engraved especially for each bachelor party guest; the guys will appreciate this choice in groomsmen gifts that is sure to find its way into the proverbial boot leg.