You want to give your groomsmen some flair on your wedding day, and personalized cufflinks as groomsmen gifts is a great place to start. The simple styling pops with a classic tuxedo, and the cufflinks themselves make fantastic keepsakes for years to come. One downfall. None of your groomsmen 'suit up.' They don't own French cuff shirts. In fact, some of your groomsmen have never seen a pair of cufflinks; much less know how to put them on. Bring your groomsmen out of the fashion rut. Handing out personalized cufflinks as groomsmen gifts isn't just an awesome memento from your wedding, it's an opportunity to add some grown up elements in your buddies wardrobes. They are your padawan learners. Show them the ways of the fashion force.

The Origin and Styling of Cufflinks

Charles II Back in the 17th Century, King Charles II was our equivalent to David Beckham. With every fashion gaffe, there was a triumph (oh, the foe-hawk. How you'll forever live in my heart.) Old Charlie 2 was the same way. As we can see, the king loved to show off his legs. As nice as those gams were, the whole legging look didn't catch on with the fellas, but what did was his cuff buttoning system. At that time, the puffy pirate look was in, and they tried to use a string to keep the shirt cuff around the wrist. King Charles made a fashion statement that caught on when he placed decorative buttons at the end of his sleeve to show off the lace in his shirt cuffs. Nowadays, if you want to sport the cufflink look, it needs to be a French cuff or double cuff shirt. DO NOT POKE A HOLE IN YOUR SINGLE CUFF SHIRT! It will look like hell, and people will notice your fashion faux pas. When you finally own a French cuff shirt, you'll notice all that extra material at the end of the sleeve should touch the middle of your hand. When you fold the flap over the sleeve, it should form a perfect cuff that extends beyond the sleeve of your suit or dinner jacket. Two buttonholes will meet at the outside edge of your cuff. Line the holes up, and slide the cufflink through, securing it so the cufflink design faces away from your body. If you want to make it look like you know what you're doing, only wear cufflinks that match your wristwatch or ring. Since the stainless steel/silver/platinum look is where it's at for the foreseeable future, that's the preferred neutral color for the groom to pick out his groomsmen gifts.