Crack a cold one, and you will soon realize that all beer receptacles were not created equal. Or will you? A stein is not a pilsner is not a tankard for a reason! There is purpose and history behind varied glass designs, often to showcase beers to the fullest. Understand these subtleties and match glass-type with each groomsman's beer preference - your groomsmen gifts will be personalized in more ways than one.

The Pint Glass and Tumbler

The pint glass or tumbler is the most common beer container. Typically sporting a slight taper to a wide mouth, these glasses are either 16 oz (commonplace in the United States) or 20 oz (to account for large crowning heads in beers like Guinness). The are cheap to make, easy to drink out of, and their hint of a conical shape means they are convenient for bartenders to stack. A set of personalized tumblers is perfect for the beer-loving groomsman who will break one out for his daily brewsky.

The Beer Mug and Stein

Built thick, strong, and made to last. The stein traditionally was made of stone and came with a cover (to prevent any dirty flies from falling in during the Black Plague), but today the term stein covers mugs in all shapes and materials. They are generally hefty, hold a heck of a lot of beer, and have a handle for easy swigging. Their sturdy structure makes a set of personalized beer mugs ideal for the burly groomsman who enjoys clinking bashing glasses with his drinking buddies.

The Pilsner or Weizen Glass

A tall, classy beer glass, the Pilsner does it all. It retains a beer's foamy head. It rockets the beer's aroma straight into your nostrils. It showcases a beers Three C's: color, clarity and carbonation. In a Pilsner, a beer will sparkle and demand to be appreciated. It is typically 12 oz and sometimes only 8 oz, so a set of personalized Pilsner glasses will be best suited as a groomsman gift for the refined beer drinker.

The Ferdinand Mug

A glorious combination of the beer mug and the Pilsner, this 18 oz personalized Ferdinand mug makes the supreme groomsmen gift for a beer gulper with a hint of sophistication. It has the sturdiness of a well-built stein, but with a touch of the debonair in its sleek form.

The Can

Can't get the college boy out of your groomsman? Kick up his class by gifting personalized leather beer caddies. In any event, his Miller Lite will stay refreshingly chilled, right?