Wedding planning may not be your forte. You got "awesome groomsmen gifts" checked off your to-do list, and frankly, the argument between lilies and freesias for the bridal bouquet can stay between your fiancee and her mother. However, not bearing the brunt of at least some of the Big Day planning leaves you at risk for a lot of flack for your lack of participation from the bride-to-be. Volunteer to hunt down those wedding scams and stay on top of wedding security - not only does it boost your bad-ass image, it will also help protect your wallet.

Wedding Crashers Syndrome

The story: First comes Vince and Owen, then comes Tareq and Michaele, then comes... random dudes trying to cash in on your big day? Forget about it. Wedding and party crashers make for comedy gold on-screen, but fact is, with each of your guests costing you on average $100 to $150. Two slackers are the last thing you want to shell out for. Besides, as an incentive to your groomsmen (in addition to those awesome engraved NFL pint glasses as groomsmen gifts) you guaranteed them full flirting access to the bevy of bridesmaids! Crashers only add to the competition.
Groomsman Gifts - Wedding Crashers

What to do: If you wedding is a small and intimate affair, you probably won't have to worry - crashers stick to events where they won't stick out as impostors. But if your reception is going to be a well-publicized raucous party with your fiancee's entire college sorority present:

  • Put together a guest list and have an intimidating buddy play bouncer.
  • Have the doors closed and locked after the first hour to prevent party prowlers from sneaking in undetected.
  • If you suspect a jealous ex will burst in mid-ceremony, pass out his or her picture to your groomsmen and make them work for those groomsmen gifts! They will be in charge of eliminating the threat (just like in a Bond movie.)

When Invited Guests Go Wild

Groomsman Gifts - Drunk Groomsman
You know who they are. It's that uncle who after a few too many feels the need to show off his pecks. It's the best friend from college who can't control herself once the music starts. And while you may feel guilty for calling them out on their (not-so) secret partying flaws, assign someone to keep an eye on known instigators once the alcohol begins to flow. You'll be thankful when everyone keeps their pants on for the wedding photos.

Hidden Costs That Sneak Up On You

The Band Your wedding band or DJ might not mention his or her extra equipment fees if your reception is going to require extra speakers, microphones, and cords.

Photographer Overtime Fees Keep in mind your photographer is only being paid for a set amount of hours. If the fun don't stop until the break of dawn,you will be hemorrhaging money as you Chicken Dance the night away.

Rental Transportation Getting 200 folding chairs from point A to point B can ding you up to $500 dollars if transportation costs are not included in rental fees.

Cutting and Corking Fees Bringing in booze and baked goods from an outside company is a good excuse for your wedding venue's staff to charge you for their added troubles, like serving and washing dishes.

While some of these costs might be unavoidable (taxes are taxes), if you don't like what someone is offering, shop around until you find a deal that satisfies you and your bride. Knowing ahead of time what you wedding will cost means you can budget the celebration a little better. At the very least, you won't get any nasty surprises in your bills as the honeymoon glow fades away.

Say Scram to Scams

Your wedding is costing you enough as it is. Don't let a wedding vendor take advantage of your star-struck pre-wedding distraction. Be vigilant of bridal and tux shops that pass off cheaply made garments as designer items, or jewelers who lie about the quality of your dream diamond ring. Photographers can hold on to your pictures for more money, florists might deliver less flowers than advertised, and a limousine driver may never show up.

Groomsman Gifts - Sign a Contract
What to do? Take a peek at vendors' records online on the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has a history of scandal. Also, getting a contract in writing will ensure everything and everyone will show up as agreed.