Every now and then, GroomStand uncovers some wedding videos that are more awesome than a girlfriend who can hold her own in Madden 10. From double crossing grooms to a super hero flexing his muscles, these wedding fight videos are our groomsmen gifts to you. Whether you jump for joy, or cringe with embarrassment, enjoy these moments where wedding magic turns to wedding mayhem.

Groom Flees During Televised Peruvian Wedding

In Miraflores, Peru, a groom brings his soon-to-be wife to a mass wedding with 17 other couples. Just as he declares his love for his fianc_e to a local television news team, two women burst in the room with whoopass written across their faces. With fiery fists of fury, the women try evoking the groom's memory with multiple blows to the head. Turns out the dude is already married and his current wife's aunt and cousin have come to remind the groom about his two kids at home. Watch as the groom runs for his life! Wedding Tip: If you want to start a new marriage on the side, arm a buddy with a personalized 13-function army knife as a groomsmen gift and tell him to stand by the door. The knife can't possibly stop these hot heads, but you'll give your best man the hope of using the other 12 functions before he's blindsided with his untimely demise.

Deadly Pole Dancing

This wedding fight isn't so much of a fight between people as it is a fight against gravity. We've all seen the out of control "whoo girl" dance her way into puke covered embarrassment, but after this lovely lady tries to take a ride on the main support pole in the wedding tent, we see a new feat in handycam chaos. During this Cloverfield-like disaster scene, the bride actually broke her nose! Wedding Tip: If you see a girl thirsting to ride a pole at your wedding, you better giver her one to wrap her hands around. (No. Not like that. One outside, where she can't hurt anyone else.)

General Zod Fights Superman on the Parquet

Staging a wacky fight between the man of steel and his nemesis from Superman II sounds kitschy - that is until you find out the bride was never in on it. The video leaps over tall buildings of embarrassment, but what's more astonishing is that the groom thought this was a good idea. The conversation with his groomsmen went something like this: Groom: Guys, I have an idea. During the reception, my best man Jimmy will say he's Lex Luthor and that he sold my new wife to General Zod. I'll dress up like Superman. I'm paying someone to dress like General Zod. We'll have an epic battle. Everyone will love it! Groomsman: I don't know Chuck. Superman II came out like 29 years ago. No one will know what you're talking about. Groom: Sure they will. Everyone knows General Zod makes everyone kneel before him. It's a great story. Everyone will remember it. Groomsmen: Ok. Fine. How is this "epic battle" supposed to go down? Groom: The dude I hired is a pro. He said he can make our battle look like a struggle to the death, and then I hurl him out of the room and kiss my bride. Best Man Jimmy: Sounds like you guys are going to play grab ass in front of everyone. You sure this new bride of yours will be cool with this? Groom: Don't worry about that. It's a surprise. Just wait until you see the look on her face. Wedding tip: No matter how stupid your staged galactic battle might sound, don't let embarrassment or the wrath of your bride get in your way. With a steady supply of booze complete with personalized flasks as groomsmen gifts, your best buddies will drunkenly make your dreams come true.