Your soon-to-be wifey says she wants a destination wedding. And you say, "How about the final frontier, baby!?" She may huff a little, call you an idiot and tell you to get serious, but little does she know, you are serious. Because starting as soon as 2011, Virgin Galactic hopes to provide space travel to the public, including you, your fiancée and your wedding officiant. Sure, it's going to ding ya a cool $200,000 each, but for 2.5 hours of stratospheric nuptials, room on board for your parents, and a chance to truthfully say you have cruised through space is a vessel called the Enterprise ... it's almost worth it. Right, honey?

4-Out-of-This-World Groomsman Gifts

Fitting your entire wedding party on board an 8-man space cruiser is not going to happen. Don't let them feel left out of your intergalactic ceremony. These 4 space-age groomsman gifts will give them a lasting taste of your wedding amongst the stars.
A personalized triangular flask. Futuristic, sleek, and shiny, this could just as well be dangling from the waist of Jean Picard's jumpsuit as your Best Man's cargo shorts.

Gunmetal rectangular engravable cufflinksTake your groomsmen to the dark side with a groomsman gift that is one part Sith Lord and two parts bad ass. There may not be a place for engravable cufflinks on their Darth Sidious robes, but these bad boys will help keep the Force with them on an average day at the office.

A personalized sterling silver plated USB flash key chain. Your groomsmen will be transporting and transferring their data faster than Data himself with this ultra-modern USB flash drive.

Some personalized deCapper bottle openers. The future of bottle-opening. These deCappers will pop the tops off a six-pack of cold ones faster than a wookie pulls arms off droids.

Craving to consume the cosmos as well? Find an out-of-this world space cake, and a whole slew of other geeky wedding cakes, to flesh out your stellar celebration.