What if you combined the most important day of your life with the most magical time of the year? A Christmas wedding! Think about how easy it would be. You'll deck the halls with holiday delight. Your guests will be on vacation waiting to party. And since it's not wedding season, it's time to save, save, save! WRONG. Put down the eggnog and wake up from your winter slumberland. A Christmas wedding might sound like a dream come true, but it will put you on the naughty list of everyone from grandmas to groomsmen this holiday season.

Why a Christmas Wedding is a Bad Idea:

Christmas bride
You think it will be a magical winter wonderland: Did you forget what winter looks like? It's wet. It's dirty. And snow isn't so magical when 100 guests have to drive in it. Outside pictures - forgetaboutit. It will take a Christmas miracle to match some spiffy snow boots to your future wife's dream wedding dress. You think your guests will be on vacation: It's the holidays. Your guests want to be with their families. Not yours. And there's no amount of groomsmen gifts that will change their mind. Try competing with the Christmas travel rush, and holiday tradition will trump your big day faster than Santa falls down a chimney. GroomStand Guilt Trip: For those who do come, will your wedding day really be that special knowing you pulled all these people away from their families? You think it's not wedding season: You're a clever one, planning a wedding during the off-season. But the truth is the only thing you'll be saving money on is a Personalized Lock-Back Knife as one of your groomsmen gifts. Churches are booked solid, and if you dream of your reception in the "most magical place on Earth," plan to reserve that spot years in advance. Not only do you have to compete with corporate holiday parties, you'll have to pay top dollar to win out a reservation over other crazy couples with this Christmas wedding idea.

Bottom Line:

A Christmas wedding sounds like a splendid idea, but it has massive bust potential. The combination of inflated prices with unpredictable weather just isn't practical. And besides, you'll be asking too much of your guests. Unless you have years of planning or less than average wedding expectations, I suggest capturing the magic of Labor Day weekend instead.