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Are you having enough trouble just remembering to get your groomsmen gifts? Well it turns out that before you make it to the altar, you have a much longer list of things to accomplish than just that. We asked everyone from single guys to married women for their advice on what to do before you get married, and compiled an exhaustive list of everything that needs to happen before you tie the knot. Get ready, guys! Before you start checking off this list, shop for personalized groomsmen gifts at

  1. Get your finances in order
  2. Have a bachelor party
  3. Buy new underwear
  4. Go to Las Vegas
  5. Buy a house
  6. Travel to Europe
  7. Get a prenup
  8. See her without makeup
  9. Take a good long look at why you are getting married and be able to know why
  10. Make sure you're financially ready- SAVE, SAVE, SAVE
  11. Throw away all traces of past relationships
  12. Get premarital counseling.
  13. Reassure friends that they will remain important and spend time with them
  14. Pick at least one planning task and be involved and enthusiastic
  15. Make sure you have a decent job.
  16. Make sure you have a place for both of you to live that will be big enough.
  17. If you haven't already, a guy might want to get going to a strip club out of his system in case the wife doesn't approve.
  18. If you're sexually a bit curious, visit a gay bar to check out those feelings before taking the plunge.
  19. Do something really, really nice for the future mother-in-law. Call it "insurance."
  20. Get in shape
  21. Plan and pay for an adventurous honeymoon
  22. Get plastered and then sleep as late as you want.
  23. Fart whenever and where ever you want without being jabbed in the rib cage.
  24. Have as much sex as possible, before the wedding band cuts off circulation.
  25. Lock out all the channels on the cable service that do not have sports on them.
  26. 1 more night out with the guys.
  27. Get a hooker
  28. Get rid of all your porn
  29. Order and pay for all the tuxes
  30. Discuss money with your spouse
  31. Get a marriage license
  32. Decide where you will live
  33. Plan a wedding
  34. Get a gift registry
  35. Insure the wedding rings.
  36. Find a location for the ceremony and the reception.
  37. Do a cake tasting.
  38. Make sure she's the one
  39. Relax!
  40. Get acquainted with your bride's parents and friends
  41. Tell her all the truth about your past relationships and your health /if you have any health problems.
  42. Go on a road trip
  43. Clean out the basement.
  44. Get rid of all old girlfriend pictures.
  45. Buy all new underwear.
  46. Evaluate life plans and goals/future plans
  47. Go away for a weekend by yourself for your last real alone time.
  48. Define the chores and who does what
  49. Seriously diet.
  50. Pick out your tux
  51. Make a list of people to send announcements to so you aren't hitting your head or apologizing to those you forgot after the wedding
  52. Call your mom.
  53. Send out invitations
  54. Order alcohol for reception
  55. Get horribly drunk on your stag night.
  56. Rethink if you really want to get married
  57. Have your hotel reservation done for the wedding night
  58. Decide what type of birth control you are going to use before the wedding night
  59. Pick a best man.
  60. Go over health insurance information, legal papers and will.
  61. Buy a wedding ring
  62. Choose a best man
  63. Pay off as much credit card debt and student loans as possible.
  64. Become well liked by her family and friends.
  65. Hang out with your boys
  66. Talk about kids.
  67. Talk about future finances.
  68. Talk about family
  69. Go diving
  70. Go Skydiving
  71. Go SCUBA diving
  72. Have a wild time out on the town without your spouse to be.
  73. Begin pulling away from the friends you tend to spend most of your time with because you will need the additional time with your new spouse for a healthy solid marriage.
  74. Start thinking like a married person. Singles can be very self-centered because they are used to living by themselves, eating by themselves, choosing what they want to watch on TV, and when they want to go to bed. Marriage means you will need to take into consideration the other person's wants, desires and needs. So you might as well start practicing early.
  75. Rehearse proposal
  76. Clean the diamond
  77. Cook dinner for the future in-laws.
  78. Do something ridiculous like skydive or bungee jump. 79. Have sex with 50 other girls
  79. Find the one woman in your life that meant the most to you before you started dating your future wife, and make sure you're not still in love or have any "special feelings"
  80. Find out if your fiancee has any debt that you may be inheriting by marrying her.
  81. Find out if she is on any medication for a mental illness or has ever been hospitalized for a mental disorder.
  82. Listen to everyone if they are all saying you should not marry this woman even if you have already sent out invitations and made other financial commitments.
  83. Go on a camping trip with your prospective bride, one without electricity or water, and in a location where cell phones don't work, then see how well you get along.
  84. Revisit all of the sports you like to personally do, or watch and see if she minds you playing or watching them.
  85. Write a list with her about pros and cons of marriage and see how you two match up.
  86. Enjoy your life...
  87. Figure out what your fiance wants to do before that time and help her.
  88. Meet with the officiant
  89. Have a fling
  90. Buy a special wedding day gift for your new spouse
  91. Purchase a tux; you'll love owning one and the rentals are universally awful and ill-fitting.
  92. Establish whether and when you will have children.
  93. Hang out with your single friends.
  94. Remember to ask permission from the in-laws if you didn't do it before.
  95. Find a caterer
  96. Prepare your vows.
  97. Go on a week long bender
  98. Buy a motorbike
  99. Discuss future career, education, and moving plans
  100. Get life insurance
  101. Make sure you're going to live in another town as the in-laws
  102. Tell all the other girls you're seeing it's least for some time
  103. Make all your ex-girlfriends jealous
  104. Kill your soon-to-be mother-in-law
  105. Experience a threesome
  106. Travel to Australian Outback
  107. Buy your dream item (ie: a Hummer)
  108. Tell your families and friends that you got engaged
  109. Dating
  110. Kissing
  111. Flirt with others
  112. Have sex with another woman.
  113. Travel somewhere without the future wife.
  114. Discuss religion of kids w/ future spouse, if relevant
  115. Discuss who will be paying for wedding, if relevant
  116. Make sure that ALL of your previous relationships have closure so that none of your former girlfriends come back to haunt you later.
  117. Make sure that you're okay being with this same woman for the rest of your life...even when she begins looking like her mom!
  118. Open an account in a Cayman Island bank and stash a good percentage of your net worth there (and continue to do so even after your married).
  119. Watch as much football as you know you ain't going to once she owns "half" the remote.
  120. Do all those activities your future partner loathes, in excess
  121. Be a slovenly selfish pig in your own home, because it will never be acceptable to be so gross ever again!
  122. Start a joint checking account
  123. Experience any sexual fantasies you may have
  124. Return ring and be forced to buy the "right" ring.
  125. Listen to everything she tells you about the wedding arrangements, else, no wedding.
  126. Have a one on one talk with her parents.
  127. Make sure you're sexually compatible before dedicating the rest of your life to her.
  128. Prepare a speech... don't wing it.
  129. Agree that you will be combining your finances when you are married - the number one cause of divorce in North America is money fights and money problems.
  130. Don't get caught up in how expensive and extravagant your wedding has to be - smaller weddings are much easier and often less stressful!
  131. Identify any relationship problems before you get married - remember, you have to live with this person for many years to come! Sure, counseling may help, but it's better if you really have a healthy relationship.
  132. Get the haircut you always wanted.
  133. Take a crash course on how to do house cleaning.
  134. Inform your buddies not to prank call your phone number while drunk in the early morning anymore.
  135. Select your groomsmen.
  136. See at least one more naked woman (see nothing else).
  137. Give her your list of wedding invitees immediately and don't add or subtract from it - ever.
  138. Talk to married friends about their experiences - find out what to expect in marriage.
  139. Keep focused on each other so that you keep your sanity
  140. Go to financial counseling together
  141. Set a monthly budget
  142. Live together to try it out
  143. Buy your groomsmen gifts
  144. Have a relationship fail and learn why
  145. Start a savings account
  146. Embark on a difficult project together
  147. Listen for problem signs (ie. friends saying that she's not right, family, etc)
  148. Visit New York City
  149. Snowboard the Alps
  150. Play all the video games you own again, because you won't get to again.
  151. Make sure your rings fit each other BEFORE going to the altar
  152. Pay off the ring.
  153. Think once
  154. Think twice
  155. Think thrice
  156. Buy yourself something that's as expensive as that damn engagement ring was. It'll be your last chance!
  157. Change your cell phone number so ex-girlfriends don't call you.
  158. Visit far off relatives and personally invite them to the wedding.
  159. Go by yourself to the movies.
  160. Dance with a stranger.
  161. Hire a wedding planner.
  162. Go out on dates--it's important during this stressful time!
  163. Play golf.
  164. Buy a large supply of condoms
  165. Pick out which of your things you're willing to get rid of and which you've got to keep. It's a partnership, you won't get to keep everything she hates, but if you're smart, you don't have to get rid of all of it.
  166. Make peace with an old girlfriend
  167. Practice taking care of a baby for a day
  168. Make sure you have your own place... NO ROOMMATES!!
  169. Move out of your parent's house.
  170. Save $1500 for a rainy day.
  171. Find out how the other person deals with having a bad day.
  172. Get a lap dance
  173. Keep your bride sane during the wedding planning. These things make people nuts, be a rock.
  174. Book flowers to be delivered for the day of the wedding to your bride to be
  175. Clean up your wardrobe and your life to make place for her
  176. Approve the cake for the wedding
  177. Spend an entire day on the couch in your pajamas.
  178. Call an ex-girlfriend - to remind you of all of your faults, so you can improve on them.
  179. Come to the realization that no matter how much you improve - it is never enough.
  180. Prepare papers for divorce.