Shaving kits as groomsmen gifts? Not this month! Today is November 1st, which marks the heralded beginning of a hallowed new man tradition: No-Shave November-or, as the Australians call it, "Mo-vember."* Quite simply, this month means that men everywhere (and a few brave women) will spare the razor in order to grow the longest, burliest facial hair they can to celebrate the incoming winter chill.

So, since lather-worthy groomsmen gifts are out of the question, what choices does that leave? Now that your men are growing the full 'stache, maybe groomsmen gifts to make them look a little more Fabio than Fu Manchu are in order. Clearly, the Romance CoverBoy proves girls dig guys with hair, just as long as the rest of them is sweet and sensitive. Of course, your friends also aren't either of those things, but why not help them fake it with a dashing pair of cufflinks as groomsmen gifts? Think about it: every time your guy tries to call attention to his full beard by stroking his chain, these blinging groomsmen gifts will shoot off a distinguished sparkle, adding beauty to your otherwise beastly buddy.

But if you want groomsmen gifts to truly embrace your boys' burly status rather than beatify it, nothing goes together better than chin hair and camping trips. Without having to worry about freezing your faces off, you and your buddies can enjoy a fun-filled night of drinking and catching up under the stars, next to a fire you built yourself. Even cavemen didn't have it this good! (Psst, that's because they didn't get these Swiss army knives to play Survivor with. Spring for some multifunctional knives as groomsmen gifts and watch your friends bearded faces light up as you pass them out around the campfire.)

Football season themed groomsmen gifts also make a great pick for full-bearded friends. Now that you don't have to worry about wearing a ski mask to keep warm, tailgating, pub crawling, and cheering in the stands becomes a lot more enjoyable. Help your pals stay even warmer by passing out these slick flasks as groomsmen gifts. Score!

Last but not least, No-Shave November just wouldn't be the same without a bunch of crazy pictures to commemorate it. Whether your friends look more swarthy Cheech and Chong or full-throttle Rumplestiltskin, pictures and prizes for beard length, bushiness and most innovative design are a must. Give some < a href=""> picture frames as groomsmen gifts to save the memories of this male-bonding event- before she comes in December 1st armed with a mach 3 and extra-strength shaving cream. Gulp.

*In Australia, "mo" is slang for mustache!