Still racking your brain on what gifts to get for your groomsmen? Keep it simple and get them gifts they can use, whether for your wedding or in your everyday life. Ideal for groomsmen in transition, useful accessories will be appreciated much more than anything that's just going to sit on an end table or take up space when he's trying to move to a new place. Check out these suggestions for the best accessories to give your groomsmen.

  1. Cufflinks: Come on, every guy needs a good pair of cufflinks. If you get him a nice monogrammed pair now, you'll be saving him any future confusion when he has to go out and buy some for himself (where do you buy cufflinks anyway, if not online?), plus he'll get extra points for the sophisticate factor of having cufflinks with his initials. Cufflinks and maybe a nice watch are all the jewelry a guy ever needs, so get your groomsmen each a pair and guarantee that they'll look great on your wedding day and on every formal occasion they get dragged to thereafter.

  2. A Nice Wallet: He could keep carrying the same battered wallet that he has since he was thirteen, but why not give him a nice new one that he can use for the next decade or so? A wallet is one of those accessories that's eternally manly and so always an acceptable gift, plus it's something they can carry with them all the time (so make sure it's a good one).

  3. A Business Card Case: There's just something infinitely cool about having a case for business cards, and it makes any guy who whips one out automatically that much classier. If your groomsmen are businessmen or on the fast track there, ease them into the executive world with gifts of monogrammed business card cases for all them.

  4. A Personalized Money Clip: Is a wallet still a little too much responsibility? Vagabond groomsmen will benefit from a money clip to hold their cash together - at least it looks better than a crumpled handful of bills pulled from a jeans pocket.

  5. A Pocket Watch: Okay, this one is sort of a last resort when you're at a total loss as to what to get your groomsman. There's a certain type of guy that could get a kick out of a pocket watch, and you might just know him. Don't waste your time and his trying to pass off bar signs or lewd t-shirts as good gifts; go for the big guns and spring for the pocket watch. You know he'll carry it, even if no one else you know will.