So you've gotten a box of good cigars for you and your boys to enjoy at the bachelor party; now what? Unlike other indulgences, you have to go a little farther if you want to take proper care of your cigar collection, whether you're a longtime aficionado or it's the first cigar you've ever had. Keeping good care of cigars is slightly more complicated than "place bottle of expensive liquor on shelf; admire." Whether your groomsmen are casual enjoyers of the occasional stogie or dedicated cigar aficionados, you can be a part of the long tradition of cigar appreciation by giving them humidors as groomsmen gifts.

But why give humidors? Well, cigars are hygroscopic, which means they dry out in a dry climate and absorb moisture in a more humid one. Each cigar will do this until their moisture content equals that of the ambient climate around them, which is why the forced climate of a humidor is necessary to preserve a cigar's taste. The ideal storage temperature for cigars is 68 degrees Fahrenheit with 70% humidity, roughly equivalent to the Caribbean climate from which cigars often originate, so unless you're getting your guys tickets to Cuba as groomsmen gifts, you'll want to deliver your cigars with humidors to ensure they keep properly.

Since those Caribbean conditions are difficult to replicate at home (and the lady of the house may not take too well to it), the easiest solution is simply to pick up a fine humidor or two to keep your cigars in the absolute best condition. If your groomsmen are true aficionados, they probably already know this, and they'll be impressed you know it too, especially when they receive their groomsmen gifts. If you're feeling particularly generous, deliver the humidors well-stocked with Cuba's finest.

The best humidors are crafted of top-quality mahogany and lined with Spanish cedar. However, if you're just starting out with your cigar collection, or introducing your groomsmen to cigars, you don't need to go all out by spending $300+ on a top-of-the-line humidor. For quality that holds up well and gets the job done, try giving groomsmen gifts of any humidor from this selection.

Whether your groomsmen end up becoming cigar aficionados or simply smoke them and move on, they'll be able to happily keep these personalized humidors around for awhile. With classic vintage designs on each, they'll make a fine addition to the house, whether they're kept in the office, living room, or on the dresser to catch spare change or cufflinks. Personalized groomsmen gifts are a perfect way to show your thanks and still keep the gift useful and interesting - you can even match the humidor to each guy's interest, whether that's racing, poker, or a fine Guinness. You don't even need to wrap these up, so long as you add a few cigars inside as bonus groomsmen gifts. Now just get your guys together and smoke 'em if you got 'em!