Great Books to give as Gifts
Even the flashiest groomsmen gifts can't compare to the appeal of a truly good book. Help your friends prepare for the wedding party tasks ahead by giving these groom-themed books as groomsmen gifts.

Canada War Grooms and the Girls Who Stole Their Hearts by Judy Kozar.
Need morale-boosting groomsmen gifts? It won't be long before your guys realize the wedding planning process is pretty much akin to war. Lines will be drawn. Sides will be chosen. And your groomsmen, the all-important troops, will act as crucial allies during this time of need. On that note, why not get them battle-ready with this interesting World-War II- era courtship tale as groomsmen gifts? From harsh winters to brutal training in the Canadian wilderness, these books will help cultivate the "men" in your groomsmen.

The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties: Everything You Need to Know About Planning the Groom's Rite of Passage-From Simple to Sinful by James Oliver Cury
If you don't want to end up in the same deadbeat bar playing darts, these groomsmen gifts make great hints for impending bachelor parties. According to Barnes and Noble, "The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties makes a great gift for any man, whether he's planning a traditional raunchy boozefest or a more civilized affair of steaks and scotch." From last-minute ideas for the bachelor party procrastinator to cigar cliffs notes, these groomsmen gifts guarantee a classier bachelor party for you while making great coffee table fodder for your guys. Bonus material includes: How to avoid stripper scams and foolproof stories to tell your girlfriend the next day.

Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America's Greatest Marriages by Mathew Boggs, Jason Miller
Need groomsmen gifts for the guys who have given up on love? This tale of two bachelors who travel the nation in an RV interviewing couples about lasting love is enough to make any cynic think twice. From hurricane-torn New Orleans to the jaded skyscraper city of Manhattan, these two men embark on a 12,000 mile journey and interview over 200 couples on what makes a relationship last. These eye-opening books may be the greatest groomsmen gifts you can give to get your men in the marriage mood.

How to Be the Almost* Perfect Husband, Compiled by J.S. Salt
And once they are in the mood for love, these gentle primers on almost-perfect courtship make ideal groomsmen gifts to push your guys in the right direction. The truth is, they are probably envious of your impending marital bliss, but just don't know to take the first step toward some knot-tying of their own. This book, full of specific suggestions and small things any guy could do, make love feel suddenly do-able. What could be greater groomsmen gifts than that!?