History shows the honeymoon should be the coup de grace of the entire affair, the spice to the wedding sugar, the icing on the proverbial cake. However, in all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day itself, it is difficult for the bride and groom to engage in decent preparation for the honeymoon. So, why not help the happy couple prepare by purchasing them a honeymoon-themed gift?

A grand idea, but maybe not as easy as it sounds. Here in the new millennium, there are a plethora of honeymoons to be had, and each necessitates different kinds of gifts.

The Rugged Adventure Honeymoon: For the wedding couple who finds adventure most amorous, equip them for a 'Romancing the Stone' worthy rendezvous with these handy gift gadgets that are also great for groomsmen gifts:

  • Swiss army knife. What rustic trip is complete without a trusty Swiss army knife? Try a classic sterling swirl knife, featuring a blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, and key ring. This handy device will help keep the couple safe and prepared as they engage in their quest for the ultimate honeymoon. Personalize it for a gift both practical and personal.
  • Beer holder. Another basic when venturing out into Mother Nature is beer. To help keep the pair's bond strong, save them future squabbles about whose beer is whose by investing in a beer koozie, a silver plated drink holder that will keep brew cool, conveniently located and, most importantly, upright. This gift measures 3 1/2 x3 to hold all the cold, delicious beer the happy couple could want, and comes in a festive gift box so that you look thoughtful. Drop hints that these make great groomsmen gifts, too.
  • Tool Logic Tool Lite. The happy couple will love this easily packed, all-in-one contraption. This gizmo is credit card thin with a serrated blade, can/bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver, awl, tweezers and toothpick, all easily illuminated by a bright red mini-light. This gift will keep everything looking rosy for the couple with its blend of his- and- her gadgets.
  • Fly Swatter. It's not sexy, but neither is a honeymoon out of Lord of the Flies. This mighty bug squasher is made of Italian bridle leather, culminating at a handmade American Oak handle. This is the kind of practical gift a couple doesn't want to think about when they're planning a romantic holiday, but the kind they will definitely thank you for when they get home, tanned, toned, and bug-bite free. This present can be engraved and attached to a leather lanyard for easy lugging.
  • Zippo Black Ice Lighter. Add a touch of class to your camping extravaganza with the Zippo lighter. Ideal for lighting fireplaces, candles, grills and campfires, and great as groomsmen gifts, too, this lighter lets the happy couple concentrate on creating their own sparks. Best of all, much like the blissful state of matrimony, the Zippo comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Romantic Resort Honeymoon: For the couple that desires a traditional surf-and-turf luxury laden occasion, aid their enjoyment with these decadent gifts:

  • Engraved Cufflinks. Help your buddy sweep his bride off her feet with a touch of old-world class. Cufflinks come in many varieties to add elegance, while still giving you a chance to show your friend how well you know him by picking a pair that's distinctly him. Gently curved and sealed with swivel back closures, these cufflinks won't fall off or get lost. This way, even if all he packed for the honeymoon was three of the same button down shirt, he'll still be able to add a touch of taste that will surely put a sparkle in his new bride's eye. Watch out before giving these, though - you might also receive them as groomsmen gifts.
  • Mach 3 Shaving gift set. Now you're starting to get the idea. A honeymoon is, by definition, a close and personal encounter. Let your pal shave like our grandfathers used to with a genuine badger brush and enjoy the closest shave you've had in years.
  • Personalized putter. For a relaxing day on the golf course, there's nothing to make a man feel more like a pro than bringing his own equipment. Give the groom a personalized putter hand crafted in the St. Andrews tradition, incorporating a hickory shaft and a black zinc alloy head. Perfect for a day on the greens or just puttering around the office, this engraved equipment is a gift that will help the groom say, "I came to play." Bonus points for purchasing him coordinating leather can caddy.

The Honeymoon-on-Hiatus: In the modern era of high wedding costs and busy work schedules, many couples are choosing to forgo the honeymoon or postpone to a later date. If practicality has you procrastinating on a get-away, buy the groom some gifts designed to help lessen return-to-work resentment.

  • Card Carrier. No honeymoon nooky could have your buddy feeling blue, so brighten him up with major networking opportunities. A spiffy new card carrier could give the groom the confidence to go out there and channel his post-wedding happiness by making new business contacts. Try a brown cowhide card case with convenient pull up tab to contain twenty new cards. In case you didn't do the math, twenty new cards equals twenty new business contacts, which could make your honeymoon not only later, but that much greater.
  • Leather mouse pad. Spruce up his software with a new leather mouse pad. Made from Italian bridle with stitched edging, the pad contains an oval plate that can be personalized. This classy accent oozes power to help your friend retain his 'man of the hour' mindset, and remind him that even in the office, he has people that care about him.
  • Desk Box. A good groomsman knows that guys get nostalgic too, and that's how we earn the great groomsmen gifts. When your buddy gets down over his postponed trip to paradise, remind him that he's already got passion in his life right here at home with a solid pewter desk box. This round box is built to hold business supplies, personal effects, and maybe that sentimental wedding photo or trinket that he wants to keep close but not necessarily visible. This desk box will hold just the pick-me-up he needs to feel great about his relationship.
  • Personalized Silver Ballpoint. An elegant pen is a sign of a great man, whether its used to seal the deal on a major business merger, or just to doodle his new wife's name when he's stuck in a boring meeting (If you think men are incapable of this kind of sentimentality, see item three). A stylish modernized pen with a twist mechanism will give him a lift as he anticipates his honeymoon to come. Get it engraved for that extra special touch.

No matter what the couple's honeymoon style, they will appreciate the thought you put in to aiding them in a vacation to remember, and it's a great way to say thanks for the groomsmen gifts. Good luck!