Finding the right photographer can be scary. Here are 28 shots we like, from the fun to the artistic to the downright weird. All photos link to the photographers' Flickr pages, so you can contact them directly:

Great Shots

Just fantastic wedding photos:

Our Wedding Album

Siberian wedding

wedding party on bridge

Malay wedding in Singapore

Wedding Footbag

Wedding Portrait 12

Sue & Christo's Wedding

Pieris and Frosos' wedding

Just before wedding

Recent Wedding: Ainul & Husni Reception.

Wedding Phil & Doris Roth

Wedding Phil & Doris Roth

Vintage Shots

My Grandparents on their Wedding Day

vintage wedding portrait, unknown lady

Wedding Rides

Wedding 5th July 2008

Routemaster Wedding

Wedding at the Mairie

DNX790K wedding

Wedding Cake Toppers

Best wedding cake dolls ever.

Mario Wedding Cake

25. A wedding

K&B's Wedding - 2

The Unique and Unusual

Cool rituals from weddings around the world, and other unexpected stuff:

KFC Taco Bell Wedding

Wedding Goat

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Chapel

Our Wedding Programme