Groomsmen gifts shopping for busy executives can be rough - what can you get them that won't end up on a dusty table in the house they're barely in? If you're finding that one or two of your groomsmen are barely finding the time to touch down between flights and attend your wedding, aim for groomsmen gifts they can take in-flight or just easily keep with them as they travel.

More than any other on-board basics, traveling groomsmen need to be able to get through the gates with ease and then quickly identify their luggage when they're waiting around the carousel, so if they don't already have them, give groomsmen gifts of the Rawlings Luggage Tag to make their nondescript black bag stand out, or the No. 1 Passport Case so they can get through borders with class.

Are they already well-equipped with the traveling basics? Upgrade their boring bags with accessories in Rawlings glove leather, like this Classic Travel Kit. Groomsmen gifts of things guys already have, only better, are always welcome, right? Similarly, if he's still letting his iPod knock around unprotected in his briefcase or he's stuffing it into a sleeve, offer up groomsmen gifts of the Personalized iPod Holder. It's sleek, good-looking, and completely necessary - after all, what businessman travels without an iPod these days?

For the guy who never travels alone (or who just makes friends everywhere he goes), offer up groomsmen gifts of a Personalized Leather Zip Around Poker Case. A guy has to pass the long hours in business class somehow, and why not do it by gambling away their fortunes on poker? A fortune in airline peanuts, anyway.