Once again, football season has come to a close. Boo! Time to pull yourself off that recliner and grapple with reality. To some of us, the Super Bowl means nachos, beers, and bets. But one couple had a little more at stake - the entire cost of their wedding - right down to the groomsmen gifts. According to this article, March Schwartz, and his fiancee Carol Sanders, put the entire cost of their lavish affair on the line -- against each other in the Cardinals vs. Steelers face off. The wedding will take place in Catalina Beach, Long Beach in April and it won't be cheap. Although both Schwartz and Sanders are gainfully employed, they had doubts about how they would pay for the big family wedding of their dreams. When they watched their rival teams secure a spot in the Super Bowl, they knew the bet was yet to be! And the couple met at a Super Bowl party, which doubles the cute points. Sanders is a rabid fan of the Arizona Cardinals. And Schwartz loves the Steelers. Schwartz predicted a 40-10 blowout in favor of his Steelers, but gave his fiancee the seven-point spread. Awwww.
Looks like the bride will foot the bill for this one! We hope she's not too disappointed: the Cardinals played an amazing game. GroomStand Hint: If your best buds are Steelers fanatics, celebrate the big win with these In the Game signs as commemorative groomsmen gifts. Or if your best boys are down and out in a post-Super Bowl slump, cheer them up with football groomsmen gifts like NFL sports signs or licensed NFL cufflinks. PS. Sanders, when you're searching for those groomsmen gifts, look no further than GroomStand.com.