Let's face it, sci-fi fans tend to band together. If you have a sci-fi geek groomsman, chances are you have some genre appreciation yourself. But stop right there! This is not the time to bust out with midnight opening tickets to the next Star Trek movie and consider your groomsman gift given. While you don't have to turn to gifts of pub signs or cigar accessories if that's not what your groomsmen enjoy, you should still keep your gifts to them wedding-appropriate.

Whether you just like to flip the TV over to the Sci-Fi Channel occasionally or you made your very own Yoda costume for the Episode IV line party, consult this list of geeky cool gifts for your groomsmen.

Personalized Photo Cufflinks: Bear with us here - even if your buddies aren't given to sentiment, they'll surely appreciate cufflinks that let them keep pictures of their wife/girlfriend/dog/parents close by. After all, who knows when a disaster could strike? Ensure that in the face of an I Am Legend-style event, they'll still be able to keep their loved ones close, even if they've turned into freaky vampire creatures.

Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife: He already keeps his towel with him, but how about a screwdriver for emergency mechanical issues, a knife for fighting off the other guy who wants that rare action figure, and a corkscrew for wine bottles to impress the girl he met at the sci-fi convention dressed like Lara Croft? A guy can never be too prepared!

Leather and Pewter Picture Frame: Is there no way he's ever packing away his signed photo of himself and Carrie Fisher? At least make sure he has a classy frame for it. While you're at it, suggest he keep it at the office to appease the interior design sense of any future or current girlfriends or wives.

Personalized Party Tub Cooler: Have you never quite gotten his whole sci-fi hobby? You've probably partied with him at some point (if "partied" means "watched a Stargate marathon and drank beer"), so make sure he stays social by giving the guy a decent cooler for the next time he has his geek buddies over for a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

Personalized Sterling Silver USB Flash Key Chain: You're probably making him leave the laptop at home for the ceremony, so cut the guy a little slack and offer this sleek little USB key chain so he can keep his documents and code close to his heart. He'll appreciate the good faith and you'll appreciate him not looking for a heavy-duty safe to store his info in before the ceremony.