Inhaling good cologne is similar to the pleasure equated with the aroma of a fine cigar, the scent of a savory steak, or the perfume of a beautiful woman passing by. Popularized in the eighteenth century, cologne brings us back to the era of fainting couches, top hats, and riding coats. At the same time, with the launch of celebrity and designer fragrances, colognes are very much the distinguishing essence of modern man.

There are many reasons why cologne makes a great groomsmen gift. For one thing, it's something most guys want, but may not think to buy themselves. Giving cologne as a groomsmen gift saves your buddy the trouble of shopping for cologne, which has potential to be embarrassing (which is why you are ordering it online!). Cologne is a gift that comes in handy for a special occasion or when a little boost of self-confidence is needed. Most importantly, it is a thoughtful gift that lasts a reasonably long time and will come in handy again and again.

But besides these cursory reasons, here are a few more compelling reasons to make cologne your groomsmen gift of choice, based on interesting historical tidbits.

Reason number 1: Humankind is not naturally fragrant. In fact, cologne was used in the eighteenth century to cure body odor due to infrequent bathing. We think those Victorians were on to something. If you have a stand-up groomsman who could use a little help in the body odor department, do him a favor by buying a bottle of Colonel Littleton's cologne as a groomsman gift.

Reason number 2: Cologne is much more multi-functional than it appears. Even if your groomsmen are a pleasant-smelling batch, cologne could still be a handy gift. In fact, when cologne reached its zenith in the 1700's, it was used in bathwater, swirled into wine, used as a mouthwash, and even as an enema. So you see, cologne is not only a sophisticated groomsmen gift, it's a surprisingly versatile one as well!

Reason number 3: Cologne is the nectar of conquerors. Lest you think cologne is a groomsmen gift for sissies, consider that it was popularized by none other than Napoleon, ruthless poster child of the French Revolution. This deadly general was rumored to use eight liters of cologne a month, and up to a bottle a day. If cologne is manly enough for one of the greatest warriors in history, we suspect your groomsmen could stand a little splash.

Reason number 4: Cologne has multi-origins. Whether your groomsmen are French, German, or Italian, they're bound to have historical tie to this elixir. A French word for a product created in a German town by an Italian barber, cologne is ethnically sentimental to just about everyone.

Reason number 5: Unlike the pungent rosemary, bergamot, lemon and neroli potpourri of colognes past, Colonel Littleton swears by his thoroughly modern concoction, which he describes as "unmistakably cool and refreshing, with just the right splash of citrus." If you want a great groomsmen gift that won't leave your guys smelling like a rosemary garden, consider this updated interpretation of a historical favorite.

As you can see, cologne is one of those groomsmen gifts that has the distinction of being both trendy and timeless. Did we mention it comes in a cool leather stamped bottle with brass plated cap? In the world of groomsmen gifts, I think we call this "gift wrapping."

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