We're here to give you the advice you need on the right groomsmen gifts to give to your buddies, and by this point, we trust that you've chosen the absolute most fitting and perfect groomsmen gifts for all your friends. Now you're just looking for the right occasion in which to offer up these sterling examples of A+ gift giving, but when are you supposed to give them out? Giving gifts without the excuse of a major holiday is awkward enough for guys, but now you don't even have a Christmas tree to throw them under.

But not to worry, GroomStand to the rescue! If you're still racking your brain trying to think of the perfect time to give out your groomsmen gifts, just consult this short list of events at which giving groomsmen gifts is acceptable:

  1. A pre-wedding guys' night out. No, not the bachelor party. That's a whole different kettle of fish, and hopefully you'll be too busy getting lap dances to even think about giving out your groomsmen gifts. What you should do is pick a date a few weeks before the wedding to do what you always do with your friends, whether that's going out drinking or going to see a game or having a poker night. Take this time to reassure your guys that you won't be chained inside once you're hitched, and you're not giving up your nights out with your buddies. With everyone in "aww" mode, hand out your groomsmen gifts, you big sap.

  2. Give them to each guy individually. If a guys' night out isn't feasible, giving out your groomsmen gifts when you see each guy is acceptable and let's face it, a lot easier. Sure, it might mean driving around with a trunk full of flasks (no really, officer, they're for gifts.), but if you can get to each guy and give them one at a time to your groomsmen who are coworkers, golfing buddies, or brothers, then go for it.

    Note: this one depends heavily on how mushy your groomsmen gifts are. Since giving really personal groomsmen gifts to your buddies on a one-on-one basis could get a little overly emotional (not for you, of course - just them, you know), if you've hand-chosen each gift to relate to a great experience you both shared, then maybe you want to choose a different time to give them all out. Unless you're up for awkward hugs and back-patting - hey, we're not here to judge.

  3. The rehearsal dinner. This works especially well for groomsmen gifts they can take to the ceremony, so if engraved cufflinks are your gifts of choice, pass them out the night before at the rehearsal dinner. Try and coordinate this one with your future wife, too, if she wants to give out her bridesmaid gifts at the same time. It's a great time to say thanks for all their help, and after a few glasses of wine a manly hug or two isn't so unacceptable.