Wedding Rings

The Wedding ring is a symbol of never-ending love with no beginning and no end. The Celtic ring patterned by a use of continuous and unending lines captivates the romantic feeling of life's unending journey to spiritual perfection. The intertwined paths of this type of ring display a union of two souls embarking on this journey together forever. A ring, being by design, an unbroken circle is the very symbol of unity without beginning, middle or end. A commitment and reminder of your vows to each other on your wedding day and as once believed in Ireland, wedding rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the artery in that finger connected directly to your heart.

The major focal point of the union itself has always been the rings. The engagement ring is the catalyst for the unification and the planning of the big day. Once the engagement ring has been chosen, offered and accepted, the commencement of the matrimony has started and the melding of two souls into one begins its journey. While the planning and celebrating of the wedding has an entire life of its own with the food, the drinks, the toasts and the dancing, none of it has any significance without the all important meaning of the exchange of the rings themselves and the sealing of the vows with a kiss. Yes... the ring is what the big day is all about when it comes to weddings. These symbols themselves being chosen of gold, platinum and diamonds so that they will live on our fingers for the rest of our lives, and continue on existing in their perfection long after we're gone.

So embracing the time honored and celebrated tradition of the rings themselves, we offer some spherically themed possibilities for you to give as wedding gifts, groomsmen gifts or for anyone who might be in need of a gift on the big day. A great compliment to the rings themselves might be a set of our finest traditional or sports related cufflinks. Traditional cufflinks can offer the dash of elegance that provides the absolute finishing touches on a tux, or if you're a team player, a sports themed pair of cufflinks will express your personality while still offering a great level of sophistication and grace. So we have the shiny new wedding ring, the spiffy cufflinks what else could follow our theme? A watch you say? A watch indeed, but not any ordinary or even extraordinary wrist watch, instead we offer the, silver pocket watch. It is not only a popular item, but it is rich with style in addition to tradition and history.

If the bride was once your girl, and now is stepping up to the altar with your best friend, there's only one thing you can do, and it doesn't involve a gun. Instead, take the high road and offer the silver friendship candle. It shows that you've moved on with your life, you are a gentleman, and it stays true to our theme. Perhaps you have a close friend that has trouble getting to places on time. Well, you've got the watch as a possibility, but wanting to ensure a prompt presence at the wedding, you might just have to implement a plan "b"...the Dalvey pocket compass. There is simply no excuse for lateness now and, of course, we are still staying within the theme, because remember, infinity, eternity, and the circle of life is a great topic to keep with such a time honored tradition as this.

There are certainly a near endless supply of gifts that can play into what has been created here, but you get the basic idea. From golf ball coasters to round shaped pocket flasks and from desktop boxes to