So you're holding your wedding in an off-the-wall (or maybe off-the-map) location - who isn't, this year? With destination weddings growing increasingly outlandish, it's anyone's guess where people will start getting married next. If you've found yourself planning a wedding underwater, on a mountaintop, or even in the wilds of Africa, you're probably asking yourself one question: what do I get for groomsmen gifts? And how many inoculations do I need to get? Okay, that's two questions. We'll address the groomsmen gifts question here.

If you're giving your groomsmen gifts out before the journey commences, make sure your guys have room enough for all their travel necessities with groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Logan Deluxe Duffle Bag. It's water-resistant, leather-trimmed, and made to last, so it's certainly tough enough to handle all the travel surrounding a safari. And let's face it: wheeled luggage just doesn't travel as well over hard-packed dirt.

A safari wedding is a bit different from your standard destination wedding, and in fact it's one of the only destination weddings for which groomsmen gifts of a Dalvey Explorer Compass are really, truly appropriate. You don't want your guys getting lost, do you? When the jackals are roaming, one wrong turn at the Sickle-Leaved Yellowwood tree means your groomsmen could be a tasty alternative to slow and sickly antelope. Actually, better double up on groomsmen gifts this time around - they probably won't say no if you offer up the Pocket Knife with flashlight, just in case.

If your groomsmen would rather stay in under the mosquito netting than roam the Serengeti looking for lions, keep them occupied with the Premiere Leather Professional Poker Set. It's compact enough to carry around, so they'll have it handy if they'd rather skip out on elephant-watching and engage in more vice-related pursuits.

A world traveler like yourself might have groomsmen who are similarly experienced, so they already have the basics. Don't give up hope - the perfect groomsmen gifts do exist for them. In fact, we'd say that this is about the only occasion in which a flyswatter is a welcome present, especially when it's the aptly-named No. 1 Flyswatter. This baby is hand-crafted out of American oak and Italian bridle leather, and it'll keep the bugs in their rightful place: squished. But squished with class.