If your groomsmen are the sharp-dressed type, chances are they already have a pair or two of cufflinks lying around on the dresser. In fact, if they've been in weddings before, they may even have engraved cufflinks they've received as groomsmen gifts! Although it's a nice idea to have coordinated groomsmen gifts like that, there are different gifts you can get your guys without making them match or giving them another pair of cufflinks to toss onto the dresser.

For the guy who's already stocked up on cufflinks and other suit accessories, try 24 Karat Gold-Plated Brass Collar Stays. Even if he already has collar stays, he probably doesn't have any as nice as this. You can even get them engraved with his initials! For the well-dressed man, these are essential groomsmen gifts, and ones he'll use for years to keep his look business or black tie ready.

If he's already too stocked up on accessories and losing track of little things, go for groomsmen gifts of the Frazier Leather Valet Tray, a far superior alternative to hunting through stores for the manliest jewelry box you can find. You can get it personalized too, so there's no doubt who the keys, cufflinks, loose change and more belongs to. Forgetful types can set your Save the Date there so they have a reminder whenever they go to their dresser to hunt through the sock drawer for a matching pair.

If you don't want to give them anything to add to their suit or their dresser, give them groomsmen gifts to make sure they look good before they even put the suit on. If your groomsmen are scruffy types, send a subtle hint about tidying up with The Art of Shaving Groomsmen Kit. If they look confused, tell them you're concerned that they might be mistaken for a hobo who's stolen a tuxedo if they don't do something about the five o'clock shadow - it's your call whether or not you confess that really, your fiance just made you promise to get your groomsmen presentable for the big day.

If things are really dire, grooming-wise, upgrade to the Eleven Piece Manicure/Shave Set. If your groomsmen work with their hands, they probably don't have the nicest looking set of nails, which you probably didn't notice until your fiance mentioned it. Since the guys' night out trip to the nail salon trend has yet to catch on, giving these sets as groomsmen gifts is an easy way to guarantee that your friends look picture-perfect on the wedding day. Even if you like them the way they are, your fiance will definitely appreciate the immaculate pictures she gets out of it.