Deciding what to get your guys as groomsmen gifts can be tough. Whereas bridesmaids squeal over magazine ads and jump up and down in front of store windows, guys break out in hives at the mere sight of a store and rarely do more than mumble, "Yeah, that looks alright." But, there is a foolproof way to pick out groomsmen gifts your guys will love! Just match the gift to his favorite television show, and your groomsmen gifts will be Emmy-golden.

LOST: You know the one. Your buddy who works in a cubicle all day and has never been out of his small town except for one Canadian hockey game in 1977. But his routine life betrays one adventurous streak- he is a die-hard LOST fan who knows every piece of DHARMA lore by heart and is addicted to Lostpedia. By figuring out his favorite show, you can also figure out what his favorite kind of groomsmen gifts might be. Something escapist, something adventurous, something to help him create his own little hatch right at home. These compasses make neat adventurous groomsmen gifts, while this Woody's Tiki sign is a perfect nod to the one thing that the LOST island is sorely missing-a tiki bar!

The Office: If, on the other hand, your friend is a total Steve Carell junkie, more office-themed groomsmen gifts might be appropriate. These handy harmonicas make good groomsmen gifts to encourage those hilarious Office sing-a-longs, while giving these cell phone holsters as groomsmen gifts ensure your pal's phone never ends up in the ceiling rafters. And if your friend just loves the show because he craves Carrel's executive power, traditional office groomsmen gifts like desk caddies and mouse pads are the way to go.

Sopranos: For the gangster-loving groomsmen addicted to this critically acclaimed family drama, only high-rolling groomsmen gifts will do. Perfect groomsmen gifts include these Jamison pub signs. Between the poker motif and the proud family name, these groomsmen gifts are just right for the guy seeking a high-paced casino feel for his home or office. Also, you can bribe him with groomsmen gifts never to gripe about the show's controversial ending again!

Heroes: For your comic-loving friend, fantasy-themed groomsmen gifts are best. We're not talking D&D, but something like this bowling-themed pub sign. This colorful, quirky sign looks just like something Hiro could jump into by using his magical concentration powers to treat himself and friend Ando to a day of bowling instead of another boring day of corporate websurfing. By giving these comical signs as groomsmen gifts, your buddy can spend many happy days fantasizing about fun pastimes like bowling while in his boring cubicle-and if he does achieve Hiro's superpower, you know you're the pal he'll bring along on his wild adventures. Sweet!