Have you ever attended an incredibly lame Super Bowl party? You know the one: No one talks and there's not a nacho in sight. Then the guy's uncool wife runs interference and demands that you change channels until halftime. Don't be a Super Bowl party pooper! The Cardinals vs. Steelers should be a real showdown. Tackle party planning with a massive television, a few groomsmen gifts, and of course - beer.

A Man's Got to Eat: Super Bowl Snacks

Beside the game, the Super Bowl is all about finger food. Your fellow carnivores will show up (late) and demand to be fed. If you don't have an actual meal, the refs will call your party LAME. Remember, the Super Bowl and the Glutton Bowl go hand in hand. Pick up cheese plates and hot wings. Order a couple six-foot-long subs from the deli and a few pizzas.

If you're a Steeler's fan create french-fry-injected sandwiches (a Pittsburgh favorite). If you root for the Cardinals smother everything in chipotle or make a chilly cheese dip. For more festive football food, brand steaks with your team's initials.

Beer Me: Engraved Barware and Glassware

We're sorry, but if you don't have beer at your Super Bowl party, it will be incredibly lame. We attended a few beerless Super Bowl parties in the past. Sure, the host served Pepsi and wine but c'mon! If you can't afford a couple six packs or a keg, write BYOB on the invitation. Stock up on groomsmen gifts like pilsner glasses, NFL beer steins, and football shot glasses. Keep the cooler close so you don't have to run to the fridge during important plays. Restock it at halftime.

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Prep the Man Cave (Mental Note: Get Giant TV)

Prep the man cave before your Super Bowl party. First and foremost, you'll need a gargantuan flat screen. No one wants to spend the Super Bowl huddled around a mini TV (anything less than 30 inches). Rent a big screen. Super Bowl rule of thumb: the TV must have enough pixels so that you could see the dew on the field. Festoon your mantuary with festive steamers and balloons. Turn your dining room table into a mini-football field with a green table cloth, a football dip bowl (what, you don't have one?) and football action figures. Finally, grace those bare white walls with a personalized NFL sports sign to show you're serious about sports.

When you get all the glory for having the best Super Bowl party, thank Groomstand. PS. there's still time to get your football-themed groomsmen gifts before the Big Game, so hurry!