It's pretty simple for you and the guys, even if your fiancee never quite understands - it's all about the game. Well, the game and the relaxation. And maybe the friendly competitive spirit. And also the little cart. Whatever it is, it's golf: it's how you bond with your buddies, it's tradition, and now that you're bringing them into another tradition by asking them to be your groomsmen, why not bring your favorite hobby into it with golf-related groomsmen gifts?

We're not saying hold the ceremony on the fairway, but if the future wife can have wedding planning sessions over three-mimosa brunches, then you and the boys can figure out the bachelor party, etc. over burgers at the club after nine holes. After all, where would your friendship be if not for your days of catching up at the links? Show your thanks for them standing up with you and make sure they know your golf games won't disappear once you're hitched by giving them groomsmen gifts like these.

Sure, they probably already have the basics like golf balls and tees, but do they have them personalized? Are your groomsmen still carrying their tees in plastic bags so they don't get lost in a mess of clubs? If that sounds familiar, solve their problems with personalized groomsmen gifts of the Premier Golf Accessories Set. With space for three golf balls, tees, and a marker, it's an easy way to keep from losing what they need for a good day on course (even if they'd be better off with a box of talent). Since the box comes personalized, they won't have to worry about their stuff getting stolen. Hey, a guy's gotta watch out for golfers these days!

If you're going basic (or going broke), try groomsmen gifts of Personalized Golf Balls. You can get them inscribed with up to three lines of text, so you can justify the expense to the future wife when she asks - hey, they're commemorative of your wedding! Doesn't she want your best guy friends to remember exactly when the two of you tied the knot? The better to get you both anniversary gifts, or at least avoid scheduling a big day out on your first anniversary.

Do you and your boys like to combine the best of both worlds with golf and good Scotch? Make it easier to enjoy both with groomsmen gifts of this Leather Golf Bag Accessory Caddy. Sure most caddies have space for tees and markers, but do they come with a flask like this one does? We don't think so! You can even cement your best buddy status by pouring in a shot of good liquor before gifting, and get the party started immediately.

Some guys don't have the weekend to devote to the club, so if your groomsmen tend to schedule their golf games during long lunches or late afternoons, make sure they can easily carry a putter for practice with groomsmen gifts of this Executive Putter Set. If he's really living the life of executive leisure, he probably has clubs of his own - still, he'll love this set with its wooden practice cup for refining his technique in the office when conference calls go on just a little too long.