Step 1: Withhold their groomsmen gifts until they agree to a ghostly adventure

Getting married in a ball park is a classic fantasy for any baseball lover-right up there with proposing on the Jumbotron, getting engraved bats as groomsmen gifts, and having your bachelor party in a suite at your favorite team"s game. But if your bride-to-be"s not a baseball fan, it might be time to think outside the box seat when incorporating your love of the game into your upcoming nuptials. On that note, how about having your bachelor party be a cross-country tour of haunted baseball parks? No one could accuse you of being unoriginal, and it turns out there may be plenty to choose from, according to the book Haunted Baseball by co-authors Dan Gordon and Mickey Bradley.

Over a period of two years, the two authors interviewed over 800 past and present major league baseball players including Jim Thome, Derek Jeter, Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, Omar Vizquel, Chipper Jones, Jay Gibbons, Mike Piazza, Michael Young, Derek Lee, Paul Konerko, David Wright, and many others. Their freaky findings would chill the blood of any baseball fan, so read on.

Step 2: Arm your guys with Louisville sluggers as ghost-busting groomsmen gifts, and head out to.

Yankee Stadium. After conducting these interviews, the authors were surprised to find how many baseball players swore that the ghosts of Yankee greats such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehri, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle, still lurk at Yankee Stadium. It is believed these friendly spirits are responsible for helpful ghostly hijinks: getting balls to slip through an infielder"s legs, land in the outfield for hits, or clear the way for a well-timed home run.

Wrigley Field. Night shift security guards at Wrigley report spooky occurrences as well: a voice calling out their name in the dead of night, the bullpen phone ringing despite an empty dugout. The guards believe these antics are the handiwork of the ghost of Chicago Cubs manager Charlie Grimm. On the other hand, paranormal investigators believe that the late spirits of bleacher bums may be the resident ghosts at Wrigley.

Dodger Stadium. Bridezillas in the midst? Past and present stadium employees at Dodger Stadium described seeing a misty apparition waver across the field at three in the morning, as well as a woman in stilettos clattering late at night along the top deck of the empty ballpark.

Step 3: Make it out of their alive, clutching your hard-won groomsmen gifts. Then send your stories to and become part of baseball history.