Has he both been there and done there (multiple times)? You're bound to have groomsmen overlap in any group of good buddies, but if you've noticed that one guy in particular keeps ending up at the altar without coming back with a Mrs., you may have a case of a serial groomsman on your hands. And hey, he's your friend and it's not like he hasn't had the practice, right? You can't just leave out one of your good buddies, even if his collection of groomsmen gifts rivals the collection of phone numbers you have - er, had - in your Little Black Book.

If one guy in your wedding party has seen more altar action than your local minister, you're going to have to get especially creative with your groomsmen gifts. We're talking about a guy who has all the basics already, after all. His dresser is scattered with cufflinks, he has more golf accessories than Tiger Woods, and you're pretty sure at least two thirds of his possessions are monogrammed with his initials. So how do you make your groomsmen gifts stand out from the crowd?

One good thing about getting picture frames as groomsmen gifts is that even if he's gotten a nice frame or two before, you can at least guarantee you'll give him one with a different picture. This is the time to skip out on group shots of you and your buddies - slip in a nice nostalgic picture of the two of you in college or whenever it was you first met and you'll remind him of the good times, and why it's worth it for him to go through the groomsman game again.

If he already has a lot of things related to what he's interested in (of course your other married baseball fan buddies got him an engraved bat already), offer up something to expand his horizons and/or totally blow his mind. Just make sure he's going to get some use out of it - for example, any man, no matter how un-handy, could probably get some use out of a 13 Function Army Knife, but you probably won't get too thrilled of a response if you offer up groomsmen gifts of a Personalized Leather Wine Accessory Valet to a guy who can name fifteen different foreign beers with no trouble but still isn't quite sure why the world needs both red and white wines.

If you're absolutely in doubt of your ability to find groomsmen gifts he doesn't already have, just point your cursor at https://branddepot.com/ and keep an eye on the New Groomsmen Gifts selection right on the front page. We bet your groomsman doesn't have a Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper yet!