What if we told you a good wedding is like a good pub? And that intimate knowledge of an alehouse is the key to perfect groomsmen gifts? Skeptical? Hear us out as we explore the historical rise of pubs, and why this history is good news for groomsmen...

For starters, it is a well-known fact that for centuries, the pub as an institution has been a hub of community in villages, towns and cities. Over the years, the pub has become much more than just a bar. It's a meeting place where people mingle with old and new friends, colleagues unwind, strangers shoot the breeze, and business is discussed. The pub is a place of leisure, celebration, game playing and conversation.

Hmmm, leisure, celebration, game playing and conversation - sounds like the elements of a great wedding to us! Lessons learned from pubs so far: a good wedding should take place in a convenient location, a pleasant locale where coworkers, old friends and new friends can all mingle in kind. A good wedding, like a good pub, should include a diverse enough range of activities and personalities present that everyone feels comfortable and entertained.

But, we digress. Moving forward, we will explore how the progression of the pub actually mirrors modern wedding trends.

Due to changes in English law, the pub has increased its historical hospitality even further recently by allowing entire families to come and partake in pub life. Pubs now serve fuller menus of typically greasy comfort food known as "pub fare." Many pubs still provide affordable accommodation, particularly in rural areas. In such locations, a pub may be a pub by night and a church or post office by day.

Need we say more? Much like the new kid-friendly pubs, even the most head-in-the-sports-page groom knows that modern wedding trends include increasing family-friendly trends, like a babysitter and a kid menu, and that comfort foods like potatoes and mini hamburgers (read: pub fare) are replacing the fancy reception food of days past.

Also (like the hospitable pub which accommodates its guests overnight) instead of jetting off to their honeymoon right away, couples are now encouraging everyone-including themselves-to drink and bond all night (pub style) then shack up and go to an after- wedding brunch. Unconventional locations, such as train stations and farmhouses, are also doing double reception and ceremony duty, just the way pubs and post offices used to.

Needless to say, your wedding could take a cue or two from the local pub, cozy bastion of bantering, bartering and brawling, where everyone is equally welcome and one can never be bored.

Pretty uncanny isn't it? By now you're probably wondering why we are telling you all this. The simple fact is that we have come up with some truly inspired ideas for groomsmen gifts, and we are methodically using historical data to convince you of its genius. So now you see the way good weddings mimic pubs. But how do you know these new ideas for groomsmen gifts aren't just some girly wedding favor? Enter part two of the history lesson: the manly connotations of the alehouse.

As written in pub.com's A History of Alehouses, "Over the next few centuries, the social landscape evolved as invaders came and went. One thing every regime and conqueror seemed to have in common was a thirst for ale." Needless to say, a groom's life is full of challenges, and he and his groomsmen need liquid courage to stay strong. And, clearly, history shows ale is the beverage of conquerors. Therefore ale-related groomsmen gifts aren't just a nice gesture; they're a nod to your pals' masculine prowess.

The same document reports, "As it turned out, some were better at brewing ale than others. All were particularly fond of ale, which was brewed using malted barley, wheat, and yeast. The primitive ale is sweet and often powerful, but soured quickly and didn't keep." Bottom line, ale brewing is a past time that requires finesse, skill, and instinct. It's basically a sport. Support your ale-brewing brothers by buying you and your buddies groomsmen gifts that applaud their brewing accomplishments.

And the reasons for ale-inspired groomsmen gifts don't stop there.

The history continues, "Three centuries later, King Edgar of Kent regulated the size of the ale drinking vessel. The cup was passed around and each person was supposed to drink to a measure marked by a peg, though few generally adhered to this rule." Obviously ale drinking has every element needed for a guy's good time. Like all good groomsmen gifts, it's ceremonial, communal, and consists of rituals that were made to broken.

But that's not all: "The spread of Christianity did nothing to lessen the English thirst for ale. Many pagan drinking rituals and games were adopted by the Christian church. Ales were sometimes brewed especially for church festivals or to raise money," states pub.com's History. Needless to say, like your friendship with your groomsmen, like your wedding itself, ale drinking is pretty much a spiritual pastime. It's only right that your groomsmen gifts accommodate this divine element. Bottoms up!

Still not convinced? Keep reading: "In the Middle Ages, increased populations and the rise of industry caused questionable water conditions. Ale became the only safe drink. Because of the increasing need for ale, alehouses became established fixtures instead of part-time gigs," reads pub's account. As history shows, ale is obviously safer to drink than water, and ale-related groomsmen gifts demonstrate utmost concern for their health and well being. Buy these safe groomsmen gifts, because water just can't be trusted!

And here's the historical kicker: Apparently, there is leading evidence that ale could lead to permanent drunkenness. According to pub.com, the English Civil War, which began in 1642, led to the rise of the Puritans. The Puritans were basically a group of historical haters who forbade the excess of drink as part of their general fun-free lifestyle. They complained that the English were permanently drunk, and alehouses too numerous to count. Clearly, there is a direct correlation between frequent ale-drinking and permanent drinking. Buy our new groomsmen gifts to test this intriguing theory for yourselves.

And last but not least, pub names were often used to commemorate historic events. According to pub.com, "In Uxbridge, an inn was used as a venue for unsuccessful peace talks in 1645, and was renamed the Crown & Treaty. The Royal Oak, refers to the story of Charles II avoiding capture, following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, by hiding in the hollow trunk of an oak tree." A pretty cool story, and one worth commemorating. Our guess is your wedding will be a pretty good story too, soooo...

And here you have it, fellas. After the big historical build-up, here it is: our fresh new trio of pub-related groomsmen gifts:

And here you have it, fellas. After the big historical build-up, here it is: our fresh new trio of pub-related groomsmen gifts:

The first is a personalized alehouse stein! What better groomsmen gift than a personalized alehouse stein, designed in a style that suits your groomsmen's' individual tastes. Choose from racing, golf, poker, hunting, or "classic pub." Each of these hearty ceramic mugs hold 22 ounces of lager, malt, ale, or light beer. As you can see, life's already full of hard choices; choosing this awesome groomsman gift won't be one of them!

For your buddy with the home bar, a personalized pub plaques may make the perfect groomsmen gift. Choose from a variety of traditional manly pastimes when personalizing this plaque for your pal. Each spiffy laminate design is printed directly onto the wood base for lasting quality.

Last but not least, for the party king, personalized pub coasters make the best groomsmen gift. Your pal will be so amazed by his newfound fame; he might start to BYOC when he hits his favorite pubs. These boldly designed, waterproof coasters even come in a caddy for storage!

Needless to say, it is a proven fact that pub and ale-inspired accessories are the perfect groomsmen gifts for endless nights of partying! And in regards to the lessons we've learned today, all we can say is, may history repeat itself! Bottoms up boys!