Oh, you know the retrosexual - whether he cops to it or not, there's always the one guy in every gang who wore a zoot suit to prom, stashes Louis Armstrong in his CD collection, and secretly wishes he were Clark Gable or James Bond (version Connery). It's not just the desire for an icy blonde on his arm; this guy is serious. If you can't identify this character by his pompadour, think back to your experiences with your groomsmen. Who always orders a martini when everyone else is doing shots? Which of your groomsmen actually already owns a suit? Bingo, you've found your retrosexual. Now, outfit him with appropriate groomsmen gifts.

If your boy is a committed retrosexual, he probably already has a few pairs of cufflinks of his own. But if you're thinking now that it'd be nice for all your groomsmen to look as classy as this guy does, why not get cufflinks as groomsmen gifts for all? These Engraved Silver Square Cufflinks are that ultimate combo of flashy and classy, so your retrosexual buddy will be happy to pair them with his best suit and your other groomsmen will find them cool and interesting enough to wear out.

Maybe he hasn't completely sold you on martinis yet, but let him keep trying - at least those suckers are potent. Drink up his gin or vodka when he has you and the guys over to put your groomsmen gifts of this Set of Four Personalized Martini Glasses to good use. Just make sure he stocks up on olives and keeps the dirty martinis coming, and don't let the guy make you try anything involving fruit juice - that just leads to Cosmopolitans, and no one wants that awkward situation.

Speaking of the glory of living in the post-Prohibition era, help him celebrate the demise of rum runners and speakeasies with groomsmen gifts of an Engraved Textured Medallion Flask for him and the boys. Even if most of your boys favor nineties style over the vintage throwback bowling shirts your retrosexual buddy tries to pass off as a style quirk, when you give groomsmen gifts that involve alcohol or the transportation of alcohol, no one will complain. Want to make these groomsmen gifts extra special? Fill them up with everyone's favorite liquor and get ready for a great night out.

Stubble just doesn't suit your average retrosexual, but he probably doesn't have much appreciation for electric razors, either. Get him the classy shaving set he deserves with groomsmen gifts of this Silver-Plated Matte Black Shaving Set with Mach3 Razor. Complete with a razor, badger brush, and shaving bowl, this set will let him pretend he's Cary Grant on his way to romance the ladies as he rids himself of that five o'clock shadow. Make sure your other groomsmen look just as dashing by giving these sets as groomsmen gifts to all your boys - after all, you can't have one guy outclassing the rest, no matter how much he wants to.