Who knew picking a flask meant so many different options? You felt pretty accomplished, having figured out the groomsmen gifts for your boys, but now you have to pick the perfect flask from all your different options. If picking the first search result on the page isn't enough for you, consult this handy guide for more information on the types of flasks you have to choose from.

You can't go wrong with a personalized stainless steel flask. The textured steel offers that classic sleek look so your groomsman will always be proud to pull it out of a finely-cut suit pocket. With up to ten letters of personalization, you can easily fit most names there, or go simple with initials. If you're a man with a true appreciation for class, offer the Dalvey Classic Flask, an elegant round flask, accented with a gold badge in the front. Groomsmen gifts this stylish will never be unwelcome.

Want a variation on a classic? A leather flask is just as fine for the more outdoorsy type of guy. If your groomsmen would rather climb a mountain than make executive decisions, offer them up leather flasks as groomsmen gifts. For an extra kick, offer them this personalized flask with removable shot glass and cover all their portable liquor-related needs.

Want to give something a little bigger? Depending on your groomsmen's proclivities, you can find the set that meets their needs. For the cigar aficionado, there's the Leather Flask Cigar Case Combo. Perfect for a long night out, it has room for up to 4 oz. of their chosen beverage, and room for 2 cigars, making these sets ideal as groomsmen gifts for guys who appreciate a good night out at the club. For the guy on the go, try the Stainless Steel Cigar Case/Flask Combo, which has room for one cigar and 1.5 oz. of their drink of choice. Do your boys like to have a little stress relief on hand at all times? The seven-piece mini to-go bar means that they'll always have what they need on hand, whether it's Jim Beam or Benjamin Franklin.

For something slightly more subtle than a flask, try a Personalized Telescopic Cup Keychain. An unobtrusive round silver keychain at first sight, this cleverest of groomsmen gifts expands to become a shot glass! Your boys will never be caught unprepared for impromptu parties. Swigging from the bottle went out once you graduated college, so give your groomsmen a step up and a reminder of the good times with this keychain cup!