Why give one groomsman gift when you can give a whole set? For guys who aren't necessarily geniuses at gift-giving (honestly: most of us), gift sets are a good way to give the illusion that you've put a lot of thought into the gift you're giving. Not quite convinced? Here are the best reasons to give gift sets as groomsmen gifts:

  1. You don't know what to give your groomsmen. If you're not suffering from an excess of brilliant ideas, give a gift set and odds are he'll like at least one thing in it. Even if he's not much for making sure he has a decent manicure, he'll at least enjoy shaving with the Eleven Piece Leather Manicure/Shave Set. Similarly, he might already have a pair of pliers, but does he have a pocket Tool Set? Exactly. He'll find something in there that he needs.

  2. You want to give your groomsmen a lot of gifts. Can't choose between a sleek silver flask or a classically cool Zippo lighter? Give both. Does he like to carry cash while being ready for any MacGyver situation? The Personalized Knife and Money Clip Set has him covered.

  3. You want to cover your vices. Make it easier for your guys to knock back a slug of whiskey and puff on one of Cuba's finest with you with a Stainless Steel & Leather Flask with Cigar Holder Gift Set. If you're all planning to misbehave on the go, make sure they're stocked up with the take along Lux Three Piece Cigar and Flask Kit. Sorry, though - you'll still have to provide the strippers yourself.

  4. Some gifts are just better given in sets. What, are you going to give your groomsman a single personalized golf ball or one tiny golf tee? Of course you're not. He'll get much more use out of the Premier Golf Accessories Set with three golf balls, four tees, and a marker. It even comes in a nice box that you can get initialed for him so he can use it again once those golf balls and tees have been lost to sand traps and poor quality sod.

  5. He needs to shave. If your terminally scruffy groomsman is not getting the hint that he needs to be clean-shaven on your wedding day, your best bet is to give him the Silver-Plated Shaving Set with a Mach 3 Razor. It's subtler than telling him your wife will refuse to have him in the wedding party photos if he doesn't ditch the goatee, and classier than buying him a pack of Bics and telling him not to forget to shave his neck, too.