He already has the best phone, the mp3 player with the most gigs of space, and a PDA so tricked out it could see him through being stranded on a deserted island, so what are your options for groomsmen gifts?

Rather than grabbing the latest geek gadget off the shelf at Radio Shack and hoping that he doesn't already have version 2.0, go traditional with classic personalized groomsmen gifts that are tech-friendly without costing a bundle or being potentially phased out in the next ten minutes. Here are our top five suggestions.

  1. He says his iPhone can do anything - well, can it open a box? We didn't think so. He may have the Swiss Army knife of phones, but if he doesn't have the Swiss Army knife of.well, Swiss Army knives, then fix that shortcoming with a knife of his very own. Now if only you could get him off his phone long enough to get his groomsmen gifts.

  2. Wallets are last century, so match up his sleek selection of techie gadgets with the sleek silver alternative to bulky leather wallets: the money clip. With groomsmen gifts like this, he'll have plenty more room in his pockets for what's really important - eighty gig iPods aren't small, you know.

  3. Speaking of extra pocket space, make it easier for your groomsmen to access their phones or iPods at an instant's notice with groomsmen gifts of this No. 45 iPod and Phone Holster with Belt Loop. That's right, he doesn't even have to bother with pockets, let alone fumbling through the messenger bag to get at a ringing cell - it's already right there at his waist where he needs it.

  4. Speaking of keeping the iPod protected, let's do it in style, okay? Groomsmen gifts like the aforementioned Personalized iPod Holders (for the iPod or cell phone), keep them safe, in place, and since they're personalized, there will be no doubt who those embarrassing eighties pop albums on there belong to.

  5. Accessorize your groomsmen for business lunches with groomsmen gifts of this Wallet money clip. It has two things they'll need the most: a money clip to throw down the tip and business card space for handing out that all-important contact info. What more do networking guys need?