So what if he gets his girlfriend flowers for no reason and lets Zach Braff pick out his makeout tunes, you still think he's a great guy anyway. Some of us guys can do that touchy-feely thing and live happily, it takes all kinds, right? If you're more the sports-and-brew guy to his mixed-drinks-and-museums fella, you can still find the right groomsmen gifts to give him in thanks for standing up with you. You just may need to think a little harder.

If you've asked him to be one of your groomsmen, you probably think he's a pretty great guy. He probably thinks the same of you (at least we hope he does), so give him something to remember the good times by with a photograph of the two of you together in a nice Rustic Picture Frame. Groomsmen gifts like these are perfect keepsakes; they look good on a shelf and make the standard bachelor pad a little more homey. If you want to wait until after the ceremony to give the groomsmen gifts, you can slip in a picture of yourself and all the groomsmen.

Neatly-trimmed facial hair or a lack thereof just somehow always says sensitive guy. He cares enough for personal grooming, or maybe he's just going for that clean-shaven look of youth; either way, he'll like groomsmen gifts of this Eleven Piece Manicure/Shave Set. It's got all he needs to keep that perfect mid-nineties Ethan Hawke goatee maintained and his nails in good shape, too (women notice that sort of thing, he'll thank you).

Does his knowledge and enthusiasm for good wine impress you on a regular basis? Demonstrate that you paid attention when he opined on the best Riesling for fifteen minutes by giving groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Leather Wine Accessory Valet. If he already has all he needs to break into a bottle of 1979 pinot grigio, go in the opposite direction with something he probably doesn't already have: a MultipurposeTool. He won't see that coming, and he probably doesn't already have a set for himself, so you'll know you're giving him something he needs.

Tip: if he's vegetarian, skip the leather gifts in favor of a more bovine-friendly silver money clip. If you want even more impressive groomsmen gifts, try giving him a wallet of sustainable organic cotton or natural hemp.